Ms. Kathryn Fransko

Ms. Kathryn Fransko currently serves as the 7-12 Instructional Supervisor for Special Education, World Language and Visual and Performing Arts departments. Ms. Fransko also oversees Social Emotional Learning initiatives in the district, including the district-wide implementation of Mindfulness practices and a universal screening process. Ms. Fransko works closely with the district Student Assistance Coordinator (SAC) to assess social-emotional needs, coordinate programs and professional development opportunities on mental health and substance abuse topics, research and develop effective interventions and supports, and oversee the implementation of the district-wide random drug screening policy.


In her role as the Special Education supervisor, Ms. Fransko works collaboratively with both the district administrative team and Child Study Teams to ensure the alignment of curriculum, to provide fitting supports to meet the needs of a diverse population of learners, and to develop special programs. A continued effort is the collaborative development of Community-Based Instruction and Structured Learning Experiences for students in Kingsway’s Special Program STEP (Structured Transitional Education Program).

Experience and Accomplishments: Ms. Fransko taught secondary Language Arts for seven years in various classroom settings, including: in-class resource support, alternative school (providing behavioral supports), college preparatory, and advanced. She was a model classroom teacher who led professional development on instructional practices and served as a cooperating teacher in conjunction with Stockton College. During her school psychology internship experience, Ms. Fransko aided in the revamping of I&RS team procedures, facilitated a student-led cultural awareness group, and implemented the first two phases of Positive Behavioral Supports in Schools (PBSIS) as part of a collaborative team. In her former role as the school psychologist at South Harrison Township Elementary School, Ms. Fransko served as the district counselor, case manager, school test coordinator, and anti-bullying specialist. She also delivered professional development on effective co-teaching strategies, school climate, state testing administration, positive behavior supports and active supervision, and behavior management. 

Education and Studies: Ms. Fransko graduated with honors from the University of Delaware, where she received her B.A. in English Education. During her undergraduate experience, Ms. Fransko worked closely with individuals with low incidence disabilities and served in a leadership role for an organization that aims to enhance the lives of individuals with disabilities by creating opportunities for one-to-one friendships. Ms. Fransko continued her education at Rowan University, where she received a M.A. in School Psychology, an Educational Specialist degree in School Psychology, and National Certification as a School Psychologist. Ms. Fransko continued her education at Rowan University to complete the Supervisor Certification program.