Mr. Balvir Singh

Mr. Balvir Singh, M.Sc., is the 7-12 Instructional Supervisor for the Mathematics, Business and Technology departments. Mr. Singh also oversees the district’s Business Leadership Academy.


Experience & Accomplishments: Mr. Singh has eleven years of experience as a mathematics teacher in grades 7th through 12th at public schools. He has teaching experience in resource, inclusion, general, honors, and alternative school classrooms. As an adjunct instructor at the local community college, he has taught statistics, calculus, and linear algebra courses. Over the years, Mr. Singh has also served as a Class Advisor, Student Council Advisor, Robotics Club Advisor, mentor teacher for new teachers, and cooperating teacher for student teachers. From 2008 to 2012, Mr. Singh spearheaded his district’s PLC team, Connect-Ed, with support from the Rider University’s Teaching and Learning Center. As a member of the Connect-Ed consortium at Rider University, he worked collaboratively with K-12 teachers to design and present STEM units that integrate core science concepts across grade levels and disciplines. Mr. Singh has maintained an active professional presenter profile through his participation at in-district workshops, Rider & Princeton Universities’ joint summer institutes, and AMTNJ and NJEA conventions. Mr. Singh has presented his research on the students’ experiences in the Collaboration based Dynamic Geometry environments at the International Conference of Mathematics Educators in Hamburg, Germany. Recently, Mr. Singh joined a team of Mathematics Educators from the U.S. as part of the Teachers2Teachers Global program and visited Galapagos, Ecuador to provide professional development to public school teachers through the Ecuadorian Ministry of Education.


Education and Studies: Mr. Singh earned his B.A. in Mathematics & Education from The College of New Jersey. As an undergraduate, Mr. Singh took a special interest in Mersenne Primes, leading to his Independent Study work where he checked primality of integers up to 999,999,999,999 and studied efficiency of various algorithms using JAVA language. Mr. Singh completed his M.Sc. in Pure Mathematics from Rutgers University. During his graduate studies, Mr. Singh further cultivated his computer programming skills and became adept at visualizing data through creations of 3D models and animations using Mathematica and Maple programs. Mr. Singh continued his professional studies at Rowan University, leading to the Supervisory Certificate. Currently, Mr. Singh is a Ph.D. candidate at Rutgers University in the Mathematics Education program, where he is focusing on Learning, Cognition, Instruction, and Development.