7. What are the school schedules and reporting times during a 2-hour delay?

In the event that we choose to open school on a two-hour delayed opening, student pick up times, arrival times, and staff reporting times are moved back exactly two hours. For example, high school arrival time will be moved to 9:20 a.m. and middle school arrival time will be moved to 9:36 a.m. You can find the middle school schedules and high school schedules on line.

Expect delays when we are open or on a 2-hour delay.  In the event that weather conditions are poor and/or we operate on a delayed opening schedule it is reasonable to expect delays. Snow, ice, and extremely cold temperatures may affect bus pick-up and drop-off times, causing delays. In the event that a bus runs late and arrives after the start time, students will be excused and permitted to enter class.