5. Who reports to school when school is closed?

Employee identification cards now have a designation on the bottom left that reads either Essential or Key. These designations are important for individual employees to know. If an employee does not have either designation on their identification card then they are considered a member of faculty or staff and not Essential or Key Personnel.
  • Essential Personnel: The following employee groups are designated Essential Personnel due to their responsibility to get schools open and buses running: Custodians, Maintenance, Mechanics, B&G Supervisor, Transportation Director, Superintendent, and the School Business Administrator. This group is expected to report regardless of the type of weather event or school closing unless stated otherwise in Dr. Lavender’s message.
  • Key Personnel: The following employee groups are designated Key Personnel and may be required to work on days when school is closed to students, faculty & staff for inclement weather: Central Office Personnel, Technology Staff, and Principals, Supervisors and Deans of Students. This group should pay close attention to Dr. Lavender’s message as reporting times may vary depending on the nature of the weather event. For example, Dr. Lavender’s message may state something like, “School is closed today to students, faculty & staff but Key personnel are expected to report at 10:00 a.m.”