2. How do I know if we are closed?

Dr. Lavender sends out communications through multiple means including a pre-recorded phone message through School Messenger to our faculty, staff, and families either the night before (whenever possible) or early in the morning (5 o’clock hour). We recognize some of our employees travel a distance so every effort is made to get this call out as soon as possible. Please note: It is important to listen to the entire message! Our parents/guardians are reminded to always keep their contact information current.

Dr. Lavender also sends out an email message to faculty and staff and posts our status on the District webpage and Facebook page. Please note: you should always look for multiple postings. Additionally, this information is announced on KYW News Radio (1060 AM), Channel 3 (CBS), Channel 6 (ABC), Channel 10 (NBC), and Fox 29. Though KYW and Channel 6 are typically the first two media outlets to announce our status.