1. How do we make the decision to close school?

Every weather-related event is different and it is near impossible to anticipate the severity of the weather or the conditions of a very large geographic area. We may close school due to severe weather such as a heavy snow fall or high winds or because of our inability to transport students due to icy conditions. There are dozens of potential scenarios that may result in a school closing or delayed opening and the conditions of our campus, busses, and local roads all influence this difficult decision. Dr. Lavender typically consults with the District’s Transportation Director, Facilities Supervisor, local Police Chiefs and area superintendents before making a final decision. It is not a perfect science and therefore we often rely on the weather forecast and when inclement weather appears imminent, a decision will be made.

Keep in mind that we take this decision very seriously and always prioritize the safety of our students and staff and will therefore always error on the side of caution. We recognize that a school closing may create a number of inconveniences for our families and apologize in advance for the trouble a difficult decision may cause. However, our goal is to ensure our students and staff remain safe and we will not compromise this important goal.