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The Kingsway HS Delegation to NJ Model Congress 2019 took impassioned debate to the campus of Rider University on March 22st, 2019. By the time the Congress adjourned on March 22th, ten Kingsway students distinguished themselves as Outstanding Delegates. In addition, two KRHS delegates successfully served the Congress as Republican Party Whip and Committee Chair.


Kingsway’s Outstanding Delegates include Gabrielle Allen, Olivia Cavallaro, Esha Banga, Matthew White, Ethan McNeill, Radhey Patel, Morgan Wordelmann, Emma Henjes, Angelique Girard, and Kevin Gorman. These students represent more than a third of the Kingsway delegation.


Kingsway was also well-represented in leadership positions. Sophomore Joseph Collins III was selected Republican Party Whip and Junior Kim Liquori served as Chair for the Senate Committee on Education. Due to the efforts of Mr. Collins, the Republican Party met all their targeted goals, while Ms. Liquori presided over a well-run committee, which saw several passionate debates.


Model Congress Advisor Andrew Young commends each delegate for their efforts and in the professional manner they conducted themselves as representatives of Kingsway.  “I’m very happy for the students,” said Mr. Young. “They prepared for this Congress in earnest and the results are proof of their hard work, commitment, and dedication.”


Mr. Young sends out a heartfelt shout of thanks and much love to chaperones Marilyn-O’Rourke-Young and Ed Moody for their time, care, and efforts in making NJ Model Congress 2019 a success. He also thanks the KRSD for their unwavering support for this valuable program.


To request further information on the Public Speaking & Debate class, as well as Princeton Model Congress, NJ Model Congress, and NJ Dramatic & Forensic League, email Mr. Andrew Young at

Picture Captions:

Pic #1: NJMC 2019 Outstanding Delegates (l to r) Gorman, Allen, Patel, Wordelmann, White, Banga, McNeill, Henjes, Cavallaro, Girard.

Pic #2: NMJC 2019 Kingsway’s Leaders: Collins III and Liquori