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November Spotlight Students



9TH GRADER: Alexa Firestone

Alexa Firestone is a student who is highly motivated in my classroom and is constantly trying her best to reach her full potential. Alexa takes charge of her education by asking thoughtful questions and using her SMART time to get extra help on concepts that she doesn't fully understand. Alexa also uses her propensity for the language to assist others in class and to make sure that everyone in her group understands the directions or the concept. She is a leader in the classroom and puts effort into every assignment that she completes.



10TH GRADER: Matthew Lang

I am privileged to write in support of Matthew Lang for World Language student of the month. Matt is in one of my Spanish II classes this year and I had the pleasure to have him last year for Spanish I, during which time I have witnessed his tremendous growth and development. This development came not only in the area of Spanish but also in his leadership, maturity and character as well.


Matt has memorized every vocabulary word and phrase that he has been taught. Last year he was a bit quiet and shy but as he builds confidence in his language ability he has become more eager to participate.


Matt uses his classroom time wisely. He works well in group situations as well as independently.  I can always count on him to explain a concept to a classmate or when no one else knows the answer. He recognizes the importance of persistence, and intellectual integrity. He has become the most valuable student in his class, and a role model for his newer classmates.  


Matt is extremely respectful to me and others.  He is always on time and goes above and beyond in every single activity and assignment given to him. He has made me proud, as his teacher in the time that I have known him and I am sure will continue to do so as the year progresses and his language skills grow.



11th GRADER:  Jack Fitzpatrick


Jack Fitzpatrick is our most enthusiastic World Language ambassador.  He attends every Foreign Language Club meeting and participates in all of its activities.  If something needs to be done, Jack is always a willing volunteer.  He has been a member of the Foreign Language Club for 3 years. He has sold chocolate bars, worked at the craft fair, and attended the Curriculum/Club night.  All of these activities have earned Jack a spot to attend our Foreign Language Club Field Trip.  He went with us to Ellis Island and to the United Nations. Besides being an outstanding Spanish student, Jack is our number one fan.    Thank you, Jack for all of your dedication!  You truly are a Spotlight Student!



12th GRADER: Andrew Bongiovanni

     Andrew Bongiovanni is an amazing human being. Upbeat and optimistic are two words that best describe Andrew. He always greets his teachers and classmates with a smile on his face.  When Andrew was my student in French 3, he would often stay after class and ask me questions about French culture.  He is a true Francophile. Now that he is in my AP French class, he speaks French to me instead of English.  Most of my AP students try to use English with me. Even though he is not sure if his French is correct, he is a risk-taker that will seize any opportunity to learn to speak.

     All of the World Language teachers know Andrew, as he is active in many clubs.  When I mentioned his name, several teachers agreed immediately.  This is a testament to his genuine interest in language and we encourage him to continue to grow and learn as much as he can so that he can be a lifelong learner of many languages and cultures.