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NJ Drama and Forensics League Tournament



Drama and Forensics teams from throughout the State met at North Burlington High School on Saturday Jan. 16th for Kingsway’s first NJ Drama and Forensics League (NJDFL) Tournament of the 2015-16 season. 


The mission of the NJDFL is to foster a competitive and creative outlet for High School Theater and Forensic students, while providing a forum for competition and constructive feedback as well as encouraging growth and development in the theatre/speech arenas.  Categories include Comedy Pairs, Dramatic Monologue, Persuasive Speaking, Poetry Interpretation, Improvisational Pairs, After Dinner Speaking, Readers’ Theater, Impromptu Speaking, Comedy Monologue and Dramatic Pairs.


“This competition is a benefit to our students interested in the Drama and Debate programs,” said Advisor Andrew Young.  “It places students in a competitive world beyond the walls of Kingsway where, to be successful, they must prepare for and focus on their performances.”


Senior Jacob Racy placed in the Impromptu Speaking category which qualified him to represent Kingsway in the NJDFL State Finals at Raritan HS in February 2016.  For Impromptu Speaking, each contestant drew a random quote or topic from the judge’s envelope and presented a speech based on that quote or topic.  Mr. Racy had minutes to formulate coherent and comprehensive speeches to emphasize his critical thinking, interpretive and public speaking skills. 


“I was impressed by this team’s dedication to their preparation,” said Mr. Young of Briana Ashmen, Imani Carthan, Indrojit Chatterjee, Kayla Deeden, Ariana Mendez, Isabella Pietrangeli, Jacob Lang, Alyssa Miller, Jacob Racy, Tea Roberts and Ebenezer Wood.  “But we have a long way to go to get better as individuals and as a team,” he added.  Mr. Young also pointed out that Kingsway will host its first NJDFL Tournament on January 30 and will compete at Eastern High and Raritan High in February 2016.


Junior Imani Carthan, a veteran of NJDFL competitions, said of the tournament, “It made me see how much preparation and hard work can really get you far.  We all were there for each other and rooted each other on and because of that we got far.”


“I enjoyed the acting and making the audience laugh,” declared Freshman, Ariana Mendez, of her first tournament in the Improvisational Pairs competition.  “With a little more practice, I know we will blow the judges away.”


Said Junior Kayla Deeden, another NJDFL vet, “I really love being in these competitions and talking to new people. They're one of my favorite times of the year.”
Any KRHS student interested to compete in or volunteer for Kingsway’s NJDFL Tournament on January 30, contact Mr. A Young ( or see him in Room 214 by Jan. 21st, 2016.