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(TRENTON, NJ) – Twenty-seven Kingsway student delegates of NJ Model Congress traveled to the State Capitol in Trenton to take part in NJMC’s Party Day 2015 and three came away with leadership positions.

New Jersey Model Congress offers high school students the opportunity to simulate the experience of working in Congress. Its objective is to educate students in the workings of our government and to encourage their active involvement in the democratic process. Student delegates research and write bills on topics pertinent to their assigned committee where they will debate their bills in an effort to get them passed into law. In preparation for NJ Model Congress 2015, student-delegates from over 20 schools up and down NJ, gathered in the State House Annex in Trenton to form into their political parties, write their respective party’s platforms and elect leaders. By the day’s end, three KRHS Delegates emerged as leaders.

Senior Marut Raval was elected Independent Party Leader. It will be Mr. Raval’s task to organize his party to target legislation that support’s the Independent Party’s Platform.

In addition, Senior Joe Delmar and Junior Ben Manning were appointed Democratic Party Whip and Republican Party Whip, respectively. Messrs. Delmar and Manning are tasked to ensure delegates carry out their party leaders’ mandates to pass and fail legislation in order to ensure the platform of their respective party take effect.

Congratulations to Messrs. Raval, Delmar and Manning for their emergence as leaders and who will, without a doubt, represent Kingsway with class, pride and dignity.

NJ Model Congress 2015 Delegates will now prepare for Leadership Day on February 27th, 2016 where they will compete for committee chair position. In addition, delegates continue to prepare their bills for debate for NJMC on the campus of Rider University March 17 to 18, 2016.

Says NJMC advisor Andrew Young, “Kingsway delegates of NJMC will make themselves heard during this Congress.”

To request further information on NJ Model Congress, please email Mr. Andrew Young at