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Kingsway names Reena Ninan 2019 High School Teacher of the Year

Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.

-William Butler Yeats

This quote most certainly defines this teacher because of the impact that she has had on so many of our students.  Inspiring, Motivating, Influential are just a few of the words that students use to describe this teacher. 

She has been described by her colleagues as dynamic, caring and innovative.

She is an outstanding member of the Kingsway Regional family.  She has a genuine love and passion for teaching.  Her actions exemplify service and commitment to the students in our school district.  She is a valuable resource for her department, and is well respected by all of her colleagues. Her knowledge and professionalism has established her as a valuable mentor to future teachers. She has mentored numerous student teachers from our local colleges.

She has served on Leadership Committee, I&RS, Kingsway’s New Teacher Mentor Program, Peer Coaching, and Advisor of the WWF Club.

She should be referred to as the Kingsway zookeeper, around her classroom, you can find an assortment of animals ranging from turtles to fish and the notorious bunny named “Mr. Bubbles”. Every spring you can’t help but get excited waiting for her chicks to hatch.  She puts a lot of time and energy into maintaining all the animals and educating the students on the proper care of these animals.

Reena Ninan created a very successful and highly sought after Animal Science course at Kingsway to give students an opportunity to intern at the St. Francis Animal Hospital. Reena created the Animal Science course from her extensive background in biology and zoology. 

Her passion of teaching biology is evident in her classes.  Reena employs many hands-on activities from dissections to inquiry based projects to engage her students to better prepare them for the rigors of college.  She expects nothing but the best from her students and creates a demanding but caring environment for them to succeed.

Student testimonials are endless.  Some include “Mrs. Ninan inspired me and was instrumental in my love for Biology, as I am now pursuing a degree in the Biological Sciences.  She made me feel confident, encouraged and challenged me every day in class.   I will never forget the impact that she has on my high school education and my future. “

“You have no idea how grateful I am for having you as my teacher.  I really do appreciate every little thing you have done. I am thankful for having the most encouraging and incredible teacher.”

Reena was honored as Outstanding Biology Teacher of the Year by the National Association of Biology Teachers (NABT).

She was recognized locally, on October 13, during the NSTA conference at The College of New Jersey and received further recognition in San Diego in November, during the NSTA national conference.

Congratulations to Our Outstanding Educator of the Year Mrs. Reena Ninan.