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Dukich, Williams, Meloy & M Alberta Earn Platinum!
Shultz, Palendinetti, Triani, E Alberta, A Alberta, L Legg & J Legg Advance With Distinction!

The KRHS Drama Team traveled to Raritan High School on Feb 24th, 2024 to compete in its final NJDFL tournament and WON BEST TEAM of the 2023-24 Season!

The mission of the NJ Dramatic & Forensic League (NJDFL) is to foster a creative outlet for high school theater and forensic students, while providing a forum for competition and constructive feedback, as well as encouraging preparation, growth, development, and accomplishment in the arenas of theater and speech.

Kingsway edged out eight other drama and forensic teams to win the season title for the 1st time since joining the NJDFL seven years ago.

KRHS increased its medal total to 43 for four NJDLF tournaments that included 5 Kingsway players who were AWARDED WITH DISTINCTION - PLATINUM STATUS. To earn PLATINUM, players must earn 2 or more medals throughout the NJDFL season in any one of the 12 performance categories.

Haley Dukich, Omari Williams, and Morgan Meloy earned PLATINUM for their dynamic work in ACTING MONOLOGUE. Matt Alberta & Omari Williams earned  PLATINUM STATUS for their moving and bittersweet  erformances in ACTING PAIRS.

Other Medal Winners Awarded With Distinction are:

Luke Legg & Michael Shultz for their hilarious work in IMPROV PAIRS.

Grace Palladinetti for her engaging performances in STORYTELLING and IMPROV ACTING MONOLOGUE.

Haley Dukich and Omari Williams added to their medal totals in IMPROV ACTING MONOLOGUE, as well.

Dominic Triani won for his compelling work in READERS THEATER with Omari William, Adam Alberta, & Matt Alberta. In the category of MUSICAL THEATER, team Kingsway hit it big with the compelling renditions by James Legg & Matt Alberta, Haley Dukich, Omari Williams, Emily Alberta, and Adam Alberta.
Up and coming members of Kingsway’s drama & forensic team are Avery Forst, Emma Mazzeo, and Aidan McGarry who  showed promise in their performances of STORYTELLING, IMPROV ACTING MONOLOGUE and PERSUASIVE SPEAKING.