Meet the Team

  • Kingsway provides health services in each of its schools. The Health Services Team is comprised of a school physician, certified school nurses, clerical staff, and professional consultants.

    There is a certified school nurse available to students during the school day to address any health care needs of the student. If a student is ill or injured during the school day, the school nurse will evaluate the student and determine whether he/she is able to return to class, needs to go home, or requires a medical referral. Medical treatment will be administered to your child according to standing orders from the school physician, and parent/guardian will be notified of any illness or injury.

    Before reporting to the nurse’s office from the classroom, a student must secure a pass from a teacher. Students are not permitted to visit the nurse’s office without a pass unless it is an emergency situation.

Nurse's Office
     C Ludlam
    Christina Santiago, RN, ATC
    High School Nurse, grades 9 & 10
    O: (856) 467-3300, EXT. 4221
    F: (856) 467- 4136 
    Barb Neal
    Barbara Neal, RN, BSN
    High School Nurse, grades 11 & 12
    O: (856) 467-3300, EXT. 4216
    F: (856) 467- 4136 
    M Anastasia
    Megan Anastasia, RN, BSN
    Middle School Nurse, grade 7
    O: (856) 467-3300, EXT. 3023
    F: (856) 467- 5968
    Kate Richards, RN, BSN, CPN
    Middle School Nurse, grade 8
    O: (856) 467-3300 EXT. 3021
    F: (856) 467-5968

    Kathleen Gallen
    Secretary, High School Health Office
    O: (856) 467-3300 EXT. 4287
    F: (856) 467-4136

    Jennifer Earley
    A.M. Secretary. - Middle School Health Office  
    O: (856) 467-3300 EXT.  3022
    F: (856) 467-5968