Affirmative Action at Kingsway

  • Overview

    The Affirmative Action Team provides staff and students with opportunities for equity and equality and provides a forum to address and resolve issues related to discrimination. The administrative code governing affirmative action programs in school districts is N.J.A.C. 6A:7 (Managing for Equality and Equity in Education). Under New Jersey law, accountability for the enforcement of affirmative action policies and programs is implemented by the Department of Education to support equality and inclusive practices for staff and students.

    N.J.A.C. 6A:7 (Managing for Equality and Equity in Education) defines the responsibilities of district boards of education for compliance with current law and public policy governing the elimination of discrimination and the provision of equal educational opportunity in public schools, as well as address the achievement gap and the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) legislation.

    If you have any questions regarding bias, harassment, or discrimination issues, please contact the related Affirmative Action Team members at the following address:

    Additionally, if you would like to file a complaint, please review the procedures below and complete the Written Complaint Form.  When done, please email the form to one of the individuals noted above. 


  • Kingsway Regional School District BOE Policies 

    1140: Affirmative Action Program

    1510: Rights of Persons with Handicaps or Disabilities/ Policy on non-discrimination

    1523: Comprehensive Equity Plan

    1530: Equal Employment Opportunity

    1550: Affirmative Action Program for Employment and Contract Practices

    2260: Affirmative Action Program for School & Classroom Practices

    2270: Religion in Schools 

    2416: Programs for Pregnant Pupils

    3362: Sexual Harassment – Teaching Staff Members  

    4352: Sexual Harassment – Support Staff Members   

    5750: Equal Education Opportunity - Students  

    5751: Sexual Harassment - Students  

    5752: Marital Status and Pregnancy - Students   

    5755: Equity in Educational Programs and Services - Students   

    5756:  Transgender Students - Students   


    Other Related Policies:

    2361: Acceptable Use of Technology and Social Media  

    3211: Code of Ethics

    3281: Inappropriate Staff Conduct – Teaching Staff Members

    3351: Healthy Workplace Environment – Teaching Staff Members

    3381: Protection against Retaliation – Teaching Staff Members

    4281: Inappropriate Staff Conduct – Support Staff Members 

    4351: Healthy Workplace Environment – Support Staff Members 

    4381: Protection against Retaliation – Support Staff Members 

    5512: Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying - Students