2022-23 HS Teacher of the Year - Mark Anderson

  • Mark Anderson receiving award

    Congratulations to high school teacher Mr. Mark Anderson who has been named the Kingsway Regional High School Teacher of the Year. Mr. Anderson has made his mark on Kingsway. His dedication to teaching and striving to ensure all learners learn every day are seen in his daily lessons. His mark extends beyond the classroom--as he has been an advisor to many clubs and activities. He is a teacher leader who wants to impact change and is an advocate for all students. His desire for professional growth allows him to continue to reach various students to love learning. Everything he does is for the betterment of Kingsway and its community. His passion for education and his love of Kingsway  make him an exceptional selection for Teacher of the Year.

2022-23 MS Teacher of the Year - Suzie Shakespeare

  • Suzie Shakespeare receiving award

    Congratulations to 7th-grade literature teacher Mrs. Suzie Shakespeare who has been named the Kingsway Regional Middle School Educator of the Year. Mrs. Shakespeare has been a steady, guiding force at Kingsway for nearly thirty years. She has been a staunch advocate for her students over the years serving as a team leader, a coach, and the leader of the Julie Riggi Scholarship program. Mrs. Shakespeare handles all things with loving kindness as she has mentored both students and teachers alike. In the classroom, Mrs. Shakespeare creates a warm environment for all students, and as a result, her students grow under her guidance and leadership. The Kingsway community is honored to recognize this special educator with such an award.

2022-23 Educational Services Professional of the Year - Antoinette Henry

  • Antoinette Henry receiving award

    Antoinette Henry began her career at Kingsway as a teacher in 2006 and quickly proved to be a very strong teacher. As a teacher, her demeanor and ability to reach all students in the classroom was a strength that we quickly saw in the counseling office when she joined the team in 2012. Whenever presented with a high-stress situation, her calming demeanor quickly eases the intensity and presents a space to problem-solve, rather than dwell on the issue at hand. Mrs. Henry’s students and parents often voice how grateful they are to have her as a counselor. “This is the most vibrant and happy that I have heard my daughter since the summer. Thank you Mrs. Henry for helping our children restore their inner spirit”, said one parent. A student stated, “She helps me feel comfortable going to the school.” Regardless of the situation or the service she delivers, Mrs. Henry’s intent never wavers. She is there to serve her students and Kingsway to her greatest ability. Her ability to have a positive impact is due in part to her unwavering integrity and dedication. Whether it's career day, implementing new programs, supporting students academically and emotionally, or working alongside administration to address an issue, she consistently demonstrates that she is a true team player who never hesitates to assist and will give it her all. Her voice has proven to be well-reasoned and as a result, administration consults with her on a variety of topics. Antoinette embodies the characteristics of a great school counselor and the drive and professionalism to help lead a department and school. Kingsway is thrilled to recognize Antoinette Henry for her positive and long-lasting impact on our school community by honoring her as this year’s Educational Support Professional of the Year.