2023-24 HS Teacher of the Year - Nancy Kocis

  • Nancy Kocis

    Nancy Kocis – High School Teacher of the Year Teacher of World Language (French) Congratulations to High School French Teacher Madame Nancy Kocis, who was named the Kingsway Regional High School Teacher of the Year. Madame Kocis has been teaching in our World Language Department since 2007. Nancy Kocis is an educator who cares. She cares about providing an engaging experience for students. She cares about advocating for her subject area. She cares about creating a welcoming environment for her fellow world language colleagues, and she cares about Kingsway. She has served in a teacher-leader capacity for years. She has worked closely with her supervisor to provide department-specific professional learning opportunities for world language teachers during this time. She is not afraid to openly advocate for what she believes to be in the best interest of her department member's craft for the betterment of the students they serve. She began the World Language Honor Society at KRHS and is the current advisor. In this role, she takes time and effort to ensure the students are appropriately recognized for their dedication to language acquisition and developed understanding of various cultures. She also started the trip to Quebec to immerse students in the language and culture. Nancy's classroom exudes her passion for her subject and her dedication to her students to ensure they leave KRHS knowledgeable and love the French language. Nancy is an integral part of the Kingsway family, and her dedication to her profession has impacted students, department members, and the entire Kingsway school community. Her passion for education and her love of Kingsway make Madame Kocis an exceptional selection for Teacher of the Year.

2023-24 MS Teacher of the Year - Stefanie Miles

  • Stefanie Miles

    Congratulations to 7th-grade Science Teacher Ms. Stefanie Miles, who was named the Kingsway Regional Middle School Teacher of the Year. Ms. Miles has been teaching at Kingsway Regional Middle School since 2011. During her time at Kingsway, she has served in several leadership roles. As an interdisciplinary team leader, she sets a positive team culture by valuing all students and proactively working with parents and teachers to ensure that students find success. Over the past several years, she has co-advised the KRMS Student Council, which plays a vital role at the middle school. As the ultimate hardworking team player, Mrs. Miles works tirelessly to collaborate with colleagues, generate creative assignments and meaningful assessments, communicate with parents, and plan engaging lessons. Kingsway is truly lucky to have such a wonderful educator; Mrs. Miles is an asset to our school community. The Kingsway community is honored to recognize Stefanie Miles as this year’s Middle School Teacher of the Year!

2023-24 Educational Services Professional of the Year - Robert Baerman

  • Rob Baerman

    Rob Baerman – Educational Support Professional of the Year Athletic Trainer Congratulations to Athletic Trainer Rob Baerman, who has been named Kingsway Regional School District’s Educational Support Professional of the Year. Mr. Baerman began his career at Kingsway as an Athletic Trainer in 2009. Mr. Baerman has always worked hard to ensure our students are safe and healthy. Mr. Baerman has been described as “the rock that holds together the athletic department” and our “athletic department’s unsung hero.” As the Athletic Trainer, Mr. Baerman spends countless hours nursing our student-athletes back to full strength so they can stay on the field, pitch, mat, or court. He is at every game and is always there to help someone. Whether you need ice, tape, or advice on what to do to heal yourself, he always provides key information and helps all Kingsway athletics stay healthy. Mr. Baerman is a genuinely nice man, always positive when dealing with the athletes and coaching staff, and the type of trainer all other trainers admire. Each year, Mr. Baerman works with Rowan University students pursuing a career in athletic training. For all these reasons and many more, Kingsway is thrilled to recognize Rob Baerman for his positive and long-lasting impact on our school community by honoring him as this year’s Educational Support Professional of the Year.