Spotlight Student Program Overview

  • The Spotlight Student Program is a monthly student recognition program that recognizes students from the High School and the Middle School based on their exemplary character.  These students are viewed as leaders in the school community due to their attention to the following six pillars of character: citizenship, respect, trustworthiness, caring, responsibility, and fairness. Students are nominated by their team of teachers for this distinction and recognized in front of the Board Of Education.

    Photos of our Spotlight Students can be found on Our District Board of Education webpage

Senior of the Month Program Overview

  • Our Senior of the Month Program recognizes the very best of the best in the Senior Class. Students who are selected as Seniors of the Month not only exemplify academic excellence but also excellence of spirit, dedication, and character.   These individuals have proven themselves devoted Dragons by participating in numerous sports, clubs, and activities throughout their careers at Kingsway Regional High School while also meeting high academic standards.

    Photos of our Seniors of the Month can be viewed on Our District Board of Education webpage.