Middle School Spotlight Student Program Overview

  • The Spotlight Student Program is a monthly student recognition program that recognizes students based on their exemplary character.  These students are viewed as leaders in the school community due to their attention to the following six pillars of character:  citizenship, respect, trustworthiness, caring, responsibility and fairness. Students are nominated by their team of teachers for this distinction and recognized in front of the Board Of Education.

October 2019 Spotlight Students

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November 2019 Spotlight Students

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    November students

December 2019 Spotlight Students

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January 2020 Spotlight Students

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February 2020 Spotlight Students

  • February 2020 Spotlight Students

    Team          Student               Grade

    K Team    Isabella Gular           7th

    I Team     Shane Mistichelli     7th

    N Team    Dan Jespersen        7th

    G Team    Joseph Chropka      7th

    S Team    Jordyn Johnson       8th

    W Team   Shauna Mullen        8th

    A Team    Milani Parikh            8th

    Y Team    Hannah Ferris           8th

    N Team    Riley Hanratty          7th

March 2020 Spotlight Students

  • March 2020 Spotlight Students

    Team             Student                           Grade

    K Team    Charles DeMore               7th

    I Team     Emma Pieters                   7th

    N Team    Daniel Kwong                   7th 

    G Team    Sadie Montague               7th

    S Team    Sara Pineda-Reyes           8th

    W Team   Emma Nguyen                 8th

    A Team    Rudy Tighe                        8th

    Y Team   Morgan Rambler               8th

    A Team   Keira Milburn                     8th