Equity Council Overview

  • At Kingsway, it is our vision to successfully prepare students for their unique path in life. As a result, Kingsway, guided by our core values of growth, belonging, teamwork, student-centered, & perseverance, engages students within a diverse and nurturing community dedicated to our Vision for Excellence. 

    The Equity Council at Kingsway focuses on examining components of equity within the system to ensure each student has the opportunity for success. Currently, the district’s Equity Council is made up of dedicated faculty, staff, and administrators who focus on exploring data that may determine the need to more deeply dive into district practices to ensure equity among all students. The Equity Council looks at data (achievement data, course data, enrollment data, etc.) to examine trends that may need attention related to equitable practices.   For example, data tells us that our special education students, despite not having cognitive impairments, tend to underperform their non-classified peers.  Therefore, we want to explore research-based practices that best support special education students to access rigorous coursework and ensure our system is effectively securing access to this population through our policies and practices.  Equity work includes exploring all areas related to subgroup populations (i.e. race, color, religion/creed, national origin, sex, age, physical/mental disability, veteran status, citizenship, and genetic information). 

    The overall mission of Kingsway Regional School District’s Equity Council is to meet people where they are in their understanding of equity while remaining transparent, removing barriers, increasing access, and adding support to magnify the equity lens.  Those truly engaged in the discussion are constantly undergoing their own process of reflection and growth in an effort to normalize the work within the district’s culture and climate.

    Schools assist with building a culture and infrastructure that shape the student experience and our mission of excellence.  


    Patricia Calandro

    Assistant Superintendent


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