Booster Club Guidelines

  • A Kingsway sanctioned Booster Club is a student-connected organization separate from the District but designed to exclusively conduct fundraising activities to support student organizations. Booster Clubs are an important source of providing for needs over and above those available through the District’s annual budget. The purpose of school fundraising is to support programs and activities that enrich student experiences. Proceeds raised through Booster Clubs should supplement and not supplant the District’s budgetary obligation.


    In an effort to support Kingsway sanctioned Booster Clubs, the Booster Club Guidelines & Procedures Manual has been created. Booster Club leaders and those interested in starting a Booster Club must read and understand the guidelines outlined in this manual. 


    Question regarding Booster Clubs should be directed Dr. James J. Lavender, Superintendent of Schools at or by calling (856) 467-3300, ext. 4205.

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