Business Leadership Academy

  • Kingsway Regional School District’s Business Leadership Academy (BLA) aims to effectively arm its students with 21st Century Skills that prepare future leaders to tackle the complex problems and projects they will encounter in college and as professionals in the workforce. These skills, such as critical thinking, financial literacy, flexibility, collaboration, etc. are not only critical to a student’s success in high school but also to college and career. A student’s success centers on his or her ability to not only gain advanced knowledge but also understand how to further obtain and use that knowledge to capably and confidently solve problems in the global marketplace. Successful completion of the Business Leadership Academy program is a major academic achievement of which students, parents, and faculty should be proud.


    The Business Leadership Academy is a four-year program for motivated incoming 9th graders that is designed to provide students with the business and financial skills necessary for success in any professional career.   The overarching goal of the BLA is to provide students with a comprehensive curriculum relevant to the underpinnings of the business world using a collaborative student-centered approach to learning. Through their active participation in this program, students will be effectively prepared for college business programs through exposure to various foundations critical to the business world with a focus on collaboration, project-based learning, and emphasis on 21st Century Learning




Business Leadership Academy Contacts

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