Committed to Excellence




      The Anti-Bullying Club promotes a positive school environment at Kingsway High School by organizing the Week of Respect. This week encourages all students to have an understanding of each other, appreciate our differences, but become united as a Dragon Family. Additionally, the Anti-Bullying Club visits a sending district school as an outreach project to Elementary students in the hopes of preventing bullying. Students from the high school create mini-lessons to teach younger students about the importance of speaking up when witnessing bullying.


      Advisor:  Katherine Bond  



      ART CLUB


      Art Club is a group where students are able to express their creativity through the exploration of a variety of art mediums. Through meetings held both during and after school, students will create art to both keep and sell. Art Club works collaboratively with the National Art Honor Society to create works of art to sell, with the proceeds donated to a worthwhile charity. We will participate in fundraisers and activities in order to make a difference in the world. Trips to museums and art exhibitions will be explored. Students do not need to be enrolled in an art class to be a member. The only thing required is a passion for art, helping others and having fun.


      Advisor:  Nick Fiocco





      The Astronomy Club is a collective of students who share a love of one thing: space.  Whether it's discussing and teaching each other about concepts in astrophysics like dark matter, or going out during the night and catching glimpses of the stars above us with our telescopes, the astronomy club is a group that anyone who is curious about the cosmos is welcome to join.


      Advisor:  Tom Stelling





      Under Mrs. Jaramillo’s direction as a certified athletic trainer, students will gain valuable experience in a real world clinical setting, enabling them to utilize skills and knowledge acquired in the classroom.  Club meetings will occur during the SMART period.  As students gain experience, they will be placed on a rotating schedule for an after school time slot to work as a student aide in the training room.


      Advisor:  Robin Jaramillo





      Students in the book club will read one book per month independently and then meet to discuss the book. The advisor will read the selected books along with students and participate in discussions. Students will have the opportunity to write a book review or create some other reflection as a record of their experience.


      Advisor:  Marissa Crimaldi,





      Chemistry club is designed for the purpose of creating an environment to explore and discuss chemistry-related topics outside of the normal class periods to help those who are more interested in the subject develop a stronger understanding of chemistry. Demonstrations and experiments will be followed by discussion of the chemical processes at work. Media resources such as videos or news articles will be used to promote discussion and consideration of topics. Subjects we may study include: reactions (such as combustion, neutralization, redox, etc.), properties and applications of materials, and current issues involving chemistry. In addition, students who are struggling with their chemistry classwork can receive assistance in the form of peer tutoring during chemistry club. The club meets biweekly on D days during SMART lunch.


      Advisor:  Lauren Smith





      The Chess Club at Kingsway helps students learn and enjoy the game of Chess through friendly competition and learning about proper chess strategy. The club helps to develop life-skills such as strategy, respect, and time management through the game of ChessT The club meets about once a week during SMART lunch.


      Advisor:  Brad Bailey





      In the past three years, Circle of Friends has grown to become one of Kingsway's more recognizable clubs. Our program provides an opportunity for all of our students to participate in an environment where they can meet new people and further develop their social skills. In its current arrangement, the club meets once a month after school and with the introduction of SMART, will now offer meetings during school hours as well. Any student is welcome to come and participate in a variety of activities and games that provide them the chance to increase social interaction with their peers and help promote an inclusive and accepting environment. Some of the activities and games that we have done in past years include: scavenger hunts, minute to win it, outdoor leisure games, and cooking.


       Advisor:  Dianna Montague





      The Cricket Club will meet during SMART once a week to play the game of Cricket, learn the rules, and collaborate on the most recent matches.  The Cricket Club is designed to shed light on a sport that is relatively unknown to the United States.  In this club, students have a chance to play a sport unlike any other where the rules and design of the game are unlike any other.  The club is open to all grades 9-12 and since the game does share some similarities to baseball, the game is easy to learn.  For anyone who is interested in a unique experience and a brand new sport, Cricket is an exciting game on the rise. 


      Advisor:  Drew Laverty





      Cultures Club is a multicultural club for students to help celebrate and learn about the many different cultures present in our community. Throughout the year the club is involved in many activities such as promoting Hispanic Heritage and Italian Heritage Month, as well as putting together a Black History Assembly in the month of February.  To help our own community, the club also runs Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive where local needy families are provided with a Thanksgiving dinner.  Kingsway’s Annual Talent Show is also a fundraiser in the spring that highlights our students’ many talents with all proceeds going to its scholarship fund. The club is open to all students in grades 9-12 who wish to participate.


      Advisor:  Diana Crespo




      The mission of the DECA Club at Kingsway Regional High School is to provide experiences that prepare emerging student-leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management. From participating in community service projects, competitive events, educational conferences, leadership positions, and networking events, DECA Club members will gain vocational understanding, learn social intelligence, work on civic-awareness projects, and practice key leadership skills such as goal setting, collaboration, consensus building, and project management. Furthermore, DECA club members will have the opportunity to participate in DECA’s Regional Competition, State Competition, and National Competition, which are aligned to National Curriculum Standards in the career clusters of marketing, business management and administration, finance, and hospitality and tourism. The mission of this club aligns with Kingsway’s Business Leadership Academy as well as the business field of the career wheel.


      Advisor:  Patricia Conn





      Drama Club meets upon completion of the Play, usually in late January, where a Drama Club production is decided upon as well as a rehearsal schedule.  During February-mid April, the Drama Club meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:30-4:00 PM to conduct acting exercises and techniques, improvisations, monologues and scenes.  The Drama Club performance is usually in late April which is preceded by a week of dress rehearsals from 2:30-5:00 PM.


      Advisor:  Andrew Young





      The Environmental Club formerly known as the Biology Club is involved in many school and community activities regarding the environment and biology. We participate in school beautification by planting flowers in the parking lot every spring. The sale of these plants to students and staff helps raise money for the club. The Environmental Club participates in at least one service based field trip a year and donates to a charity each year.


      Advisor:  Jennifer Stark





      Kingsway's Fashion Club provides our students a unique opportunity to analyze and explore different trends and career opportunities in the fashion industry. There will be monthly meetings centered around a range of topics as well as occasional guest speakers to give a more in-depth view of their experiences with fashion. If you like to dissect magazines, take risks with your wardrobe, or are into sneakers, this is the club for you!


      Advisor:  Dianna Montague





      The Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) is a student-led, faith-based group that strives to encourage athletes, coaches and students to live a life of high character through Bible study, prayer, fellowship and peer accountability.  FCA focuses on the emotional, physical and spiritual health of the athlete and it is welcoming to all students.


      Advisor:  Brad Bailey





      The Foreign Language Club promotes cultural awareness of foreign languages and diverse culture with the membership. It also provides cultural enrichment beyond the classroom. The Foreign Language Club encourages the participation of all students to share customs, histories, experiences and lifestyles of various countries with fellow club members.  All high school students are eligible to be in the Foreign Language Club. 


      Advisor:  Cecelia Reichert





      Habitat for Humanity helps to literally build the community.  Students who join will participate in fundraising activities for the Gloucester County Habitat for Humanity Chapter so that materials can be purchased for job sites.  As well, students will have the opportunity to participate in local advocacy and build sites throughout the county on Saturdays.


      Advisor:  Tom Stelling





      Kingsway’s Interact Club seeks to provide opportunities for outreach in the school, in the local community, and even in a nationwide and worldwide way. The events that we sponsor throughout the year all work toward that mission. Some events include, but are not limited to, Parents’ Night Out Babysitting, working at the concession stands for football and basketball games, coordinating food and clothing donations for local community groups and individuals, running a Toys for Tots donation drive, and hosting our hallmark event, the Battle of the Bands! While as individuals we may not have as great an impact, as a club, we are truly able to influence our school building, our local community, and ultimately, our world.


      Advisors:  Amanda Ottinger and Rebekah McGovern



      KEY CLUB


      Key Club International is a youth service-leadership organization sponsored by Kiwanis International. It is the oldest and largest service program for high school students.  Kingsway’s Key Club members are passionate about making a difference in the world. Members work together on projects that improve their schools and communities.  Monthly meetings will take place during SMART, with sub-committees meeting on an as needed basis.  Service projects could take place outside of school and/or on weekends.  Fundraising projects will be discussed throughout the year.


      Advisor: Vivian Cassidy





      The purpose of this club is to involve interested students in the many facets of the video medium.  Club members will gain experience and obtain skills needed to plan, produce, shoot, and edit school activities such as classroom activities, sporting events, social events, and school ceremonies.  Members will also have the opportunity to gain “on air” experience with the production of informational programs and announcements.


      Members of the club will also be able to assist with shooting, duplicating, and editing requests from the faculty and administration.  Club members will have access to the new state of the art studio, control room, and editing suites to work on school/class projects, and independent works.  The club will assist students in preparing to be college and career ready for a career in television/media communications.


      Advisor:  Stan Ritter





      The marching band is an after school performance ensemble that consists of wind, brass, percussion, and color guard members.  The marching band is a competitive activity that travels to competitions on the weekends including State and National Championships.  The marching band performs at school functions such as football games, pep rallies, and anything else we may be called upon to perform for the school. The marching band performs at community events throughout our sending districts (Swedesboro-Woolwich, East Greenwich, South Harrison, and Logan).  When given the opportunity, the marching band will perform at major venues such as national parades (Thanksgiving, Cherry Blossom, Fourth of July, etc). 


      The marching band season begins in July with summer practices ending with a two-week band camp the last two weeks of August.  The marching band season (competitive and other events) runs from September through the beginning of December.  When available, the marching band may perform at events throughout the remainder of the school year.


      Director:  Nick Kline, Assistant Director Ashley Blubaugh  





      Mock Trial is an activity that brings the courtroom to life!  Student members act as lawyers and witnesses in preparing, adapting, and performing the statewide case in county, regional, and state competitions.  With county competitions taking place at the Criminal Justice Complex in Woodbury, student members get a chance to experience real-life courtroom situations.  Student members are introduced to both criminal and civil proceedings, and what is needed to prepare arguments that reach their level of burden.


      Student members develop skills in law, public speaking, and working together as a team for a common cause.  Meetings begin in the early fall, with competitions taking place between early January and late February.  Kingsway has fielded a team that has been successful at both the county and state levels.  All grade levels are welcome to join, with meetings taking place that adapt to student schedules.


      Advisor:  Ed Moody





      The prerequisite for being in the Model Congress and Debate Club is that you must take the Public Speaking and Debate course.  Students are then eligible throughout their high school career. Student selection is based upon student passion for competitive debate and student effort in the Public Speaking and Debate class. Students are chosen in early fall and then prepare for their first major event, Princeton Model Congress in November in Washington, DC. From December to March, students are selected and prepare for various winter events. The NJDFL Competition takes place at a NJ high school in February.   NJ Model Congress Party Day and Leadership Day take place at the State Capitol Annex in Trenton in December and late February respectively.  The culminating activity is NJ Model Congress at Rider University in late March. Participation fees are the responsibility of the student participants.


      Advisor:  Andrew Young





      National Art Honor Society is a club at Kingsway for talented junior or senior art students who take at least one art class, maintain an A average in that class, and participate in club meetings and activities. NAHS strives to use their artistic abilities to enhance the school community and frequently uses fundraisers selling their own artwork to benefit non-profit charities, as well as bring arts awareness to the forefront of the Kingsway community.


      Advisor:  Ashley Blubaugh





      The National Honor Society encompasses some of Kingsway’s outstanding students. Students must show excellence in the following four areas: Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Character. In order to be qualified, juniors or seniors must have and maintain a 90% overall GPA, un-weighted.  Students who are qualified then complete an Activity Form which is analyzed by the NHS Faculty Council. To retain membership, students must complete community service activities throughout the school year. Students also peer tutor and raise money for different community service activities throughout the school district.

      Advisors:  Kathy Miles and Drew Laverty



      NEWSPAPER-The Flame


      "I believe in the profession of journalism. I believe that the public journal is a public trust; that all connected with it are, to the full measure of their responsibility, trustees for the public; that acceptance of a lesser service than the public service is betrayal of this trust."

      ----- from "The Journalist's Creed" by Walter Williams


      The school’s newspaper staff is a group that meets regularly during SMART lunch and after school to brainstorm ideas, write and revise articles, take photographs, create artwork and layout pages for the school’s written and online publication The Flame. Students can become writers or editors either by applying to the adviser or taking the journalism class offered during the day.


      Students learn effective communication skills by interviewing and meeting a variety of school officials, athletes, teachers, and community members.  They become better writers and artists and gain valuable life experience that enriches their education. Student articles, artwork and photographs are published in the school newspaper, The Flame, which comes out seasonally. The paper is also posted online.


      Advisor:  Karen Schonewise





      This is an organization dedicated to the health and well-being of animals. The group helps various humane societies, vet hospitals and animal organizations in the area with fundraising efforts, donation drives and/or volunteerism.  We run adoption and fostering awareness campaigns and do whatever we can to help animals in need.


      Advisor:  Lisa Camp





      Photography is an ever growing field and is used by amateurs and professionals every day. Even with something as ordinary as a cell phone, individuals can create amazing compositions. Kingsway’s new photography club has been created to assist amateur photographers in their efforts to unlock the true potential of a camera. Students learn how to utilize Canon DSLR cameras and their key functions, as well as the basics of taking creative photographs. Club members not only learn how to operate professional DSLR cameras, but they also learn how to transfer everyday candid shots into a work of art. In addition to developing professional skills with a camera, these students serve an important role in our school, in that they are often charged with the responsibility of taking photographs for our website, newsletter, and other purposes.


      Advisor:  Nick Fiocco





      The mission of the Kingsway Robotics Club is to promote and enhance knowledge about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) through teamwork and skill building.  Students involved in the club will collaborate with a team to build a task oriented Robot.  Students will gain expertise in creativity, teamwork, and leadership.  The club will also be involved in community outreach programs in which students will learn advertising, communication, and service.  Students who continue with the program will then compete locally and regionally. Meetings will be bi-weekly and will gradually increase as competitions approach. 


      Advisor:  TBA





      Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) is the only student based, activist organization dealing with underage drinking, drug abuse, and death due to drinking and driving.  SADD is dedicated to educating students of the dangers of the use of alcohol and drugs and to encouraging students, through positive peer pressure, to abstain from their use.  This program is designed to reduce the likelihood of students becoming involved in a DUI incident and making positive decisions that lack negative consequences.  SADD is open to all high school students.  It meets one to two times monthly and runs five or six major projects a year, including Homecoming, holidays, prom and graduation.


      Advisor:  Wendy Lynch    





      The Select Jazz Ensemble is an auditioned group which performs at various school functions and area jazz festivals.  Selected students should possess a background in jazz studies at the middle school and/or high school level as the ensemble performs the most advanced repertoire of any of our performing ensembles.  Auditions are held in November each year with rehearsals beginning in mid-December and running through the competitive season; ending in mid-April.  The band rehearses one night per week during the season in order to prepare for our performances which include the jazz bistro, the annual Kingsway Jazz Festival as well as participation in several area jazz festivals.  The season concludes with performances at the New Jersey Regional Jazz Championships and the Cavalcade of Jazz Championships.


      Advisor:  Joe Henderson





      Spectrum is Kingsway’s Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA), and is made up of both allies (straight students who support equal rights) and students who identify as LGBTQ. Our mission is to promote tolerance and acceptance throughout the school community and to provide a safe, non-judgmental space as a support network for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, and Straight youth who share a common vision of social equality. We work to put an end to discrimination, harassment, bullying, and violence. Spectrum members help to educate the school community about homophobia, transphobia, gender identity, and sexual orientation issues. At meetings, members share and discuss current events, issues in the school climate, or personal experiences. Our club will meet at least once a month, and we promote awareness through activities involving Ally Day, No-Name-Calling Week, and the Day of Silence.


      Advisor:  Denise Desiderio



      S.T.A.F.F. (Students Taking Action for the Future)


      Students Taking Action for the Future (S.T.A.F.F.) is a student run club whose goals include the following:

      • inform club members of political, environmental, economic, and human rights issues to promote discussion and learning
      • educate Kingsway’s student body on issues to encourage conversation and action
      • take an active role in charitable and community organizations pertaining to club topics
      • foster relationships within the club and have fun.


      Throughout the year, topics of discussion include:  Global conflicts, Charitable organizations, Human rights issues, Global warming, United Nations, Fair Trade, and food issues (poverty, factory farming, access to food, organic, etc.).


      Along with monthly meetings, S.T.A.F.F. also holds one fundraiser during the year for a charitable organization the group selects and takes part in a service project to give back to the community.


      Advisor:  Abigail Ackley





      Student-run government of KRHS, involved in a majority of spirit, charity, and fundraising activities.  Responsible for Homecoming/Pep Rally, Mr. Kingsway, blood drive, powder puff, Head Start  and other charity work.


      Advisors:  Joe Dacchille and Mark Anderson







      The mission statement of Gloucester County S.U.R.E. organizations is as follows:  "The S.U.R.E. Mission is to impact the community through our ideals of respect and equality by portraying these values in everyday life, through student involvement and teamwork."  The program is run with the support of the Gloucester County Prosecutors office.  Gloucester County S.U.R.E. Summit planning meetings occur monthly and culminate in the S.U.R.E. Summit at Rowan University.  Club officers and select members participate at this level and also attend workshops with the intent of bringing this material back to Kingsway.  Within Kingsway, S.U.R.E. members serve as examples in promoting respect and equality throughout the building and work in conjunction with clubs with a similar mission (Cultures Club, Anti-Bullying Club, Spectrum, Foreign Language Club, Interact,  and STAFF.


      Advisor:  Dawn Marchetti





      The Tri-M Music Honor Society is the international music honor society for high school students. It is designed to recognize students for their academic and musical achievements, reward them for their accomplishments and service activities, and to inspire other students to excel at music and leadership.

      The qualifications for membership are:

      • Junior or Senior
      • Member of a curricular music ensemble: Senior Chorus, Gospel Choir, Symphonic Band, Jazz Ensemble or Orchestra
      • Academic average of 90.0 or higher
      • Students must maintain their grade average, membership in a curricular musical ensemble and attend scheduled induction ceremonies to maintain their membership.
      • Prospective members will be invited to join during the month of February. The induction ceremony is held in April


      Advisor:  Jon Dalton





      Being part of The World Language National Honor Society is a wonderful way to demonstrate the dedication and talent that someone has in French, Italian, or Spanish.  In order to be inducted into this society, students must show excellence in the language of their choice (had obtained A's in the first three years of their language) and show great character. Students who are qualified then complete a form, which is analyzed by the WLNHS Faculty Council. To retain membership, students must maintain A's in subsequent years of the language as well.   Students will also be involved in peer tutoring. 


      Advisor:  Nancy Kocis





      The mission is to help preserve the animal species on an international scale. Students will gain experience in entrepreneurial skills such as fundraising, advertising, and leadership that would help them in future careers in fields like animal science, environmental engineering, and environmental science.


      Advisor:  Reena Ninan





      The purpose of this club is to:

      • Develop skills of students who have an interest in writing and cultivate friendships
      • Discuss and experiment with different writing genres
      • Share current pieces of writing with interested peers
      • Collaborate and engage in peer “round table” discussions, aiming to improve writing selections
      • Become aware of publishing opportunities and websites for students works
      • Share favorite media websites that focus on poets, authors, and writing forums
      • Work together to create and publish a student writers’ literary magazine as a culminating project.


      Advisor:  Laura Fiorentino





      The Yearbook Club carries on the tradition of recording and publishing a chronicle of the school year by producing Kingsway Regional High School’s annual yearbook, Lancer.  Students in grades 9-12 who are interested in journalism, photography and/ or graphic design are encouraged to join as members of the staff. Th­e Yearbook Staff and Executive Board are responsible for developing a yearbook theme, layout of the yearbook, photo content and composition, copy writing, setting up page design with the publisher’s online program, meeting strict deadlines, ad sales and marketing and distribution of the book. Yearbook meeting will be held every C day as deadlines need to be met. Involvement in the Yearbook Club offers students the opportunity to gain life skills, assume the responsibilities of working with clients and deadlines and have fun working as a team at the same time.


      Advisor Colleen Fitzpatrick and Assistant Advisor Heather Connor