Programs of Study

  • Kingsway Regional School District has established six (6) Programs of Study to assist students in identification of their future college and career goals.  Each Program of Study corresponds to sixteen (16) nationally recognized career clusters.

    Within each Program of Study, recommended concentrations have been established to further assist students in identifying interests that correspond to specific careers.  These concentrations are built around the course offerings within the Kingsway Regional School District and include courses to be developed in subsequent years.  It is strongly recommended that students, parents, teachers, counselors, and administrators communicate openly in the planning and course selection process.

    The 6 Programs of Study established by the district aim to:

    • help students make career decisions;
    • identify how specific courses correspond to specific careers; and,
    • improve students’ skills and increase their potential for employment and further training and education.

    Additionally, the goals of the Programs of Study are to prepare students to create a career plan that:

    • helps them to understand and have knowledge of a variety of jobs within a career field;
    • creates awareness of training and educational opportunities; and,
    • provides opportunities for training, re-training and further education.

    For more detailed information on the Programs of Study, please contact your child’s guidance counselor.  You may also reference the Program Planning Guide by clicking here.