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    • Triple G’s (Get Good Grades)


      Student Incentive Program


      What is the Triple G’s program?

      • The Triple G’s program is designed to provide recognition to those students who raise their grades into an acceptable range and maintain or continue to raise them from one semester to the next.


      What are the goals of the Triple G’s program?

      • To teach our students how to establish and reach their academic goals
      • Recognize all students for their academic growth


      How does the Triple G’s program benefit our students?

      • Students are empowered to participate in their own academic growth plan and success, which ultimately builds self-esteem, perseverance, and character.


      What are the criteria for entrance into the Triple G’s program?

      • Students are eligible to participate in the Triple G’s program if they have a D or an F in any of their classes at three strategic points during the school year (mid Semester 1, end of Semester 1, mid Semester 2)
      • To qualify for Triple G’s rewards/incentives requires these students to bring up one or two class grades one level without going down a grade in any other class.


      How the Triple G’s process works?

      • At three strategic points during the school year (mid Semester 1, end of Semester 1, and mid Semester 2), the ARP coordinator at the high school will present a list of all students who have a D or F in any of their classes to the administrative team.
      • During SMART, administration will meet with these students to introduce and promote the Triple G’s program. An invitation to join will be presented to the students at that meeting for them to sign then.
      • A letter will also go home to parents explaining the program and urging them to have their son/daughter enroll in the program.
      • One week later, these students will be called down during SMART again to officially collect all invitation forms from students.
      • Administration and/or high school counselors will be checking in with these students periodically to monitor their progress and encourage them.