• Renaissance Program

    Each and every Kingsway Regional Middle School student is offered the opportunity to participate in the Renaissance Program. Renaissance is a nationwide program that rewards students for academic attainment and positive behavior. This program partners with local businesses, the community, and our parents to recognize students and staff for hard work and effort in a variety of ways. The Renaissance Program runs from semester to semester and in order to earn membership for this incentive based program, students must meet the following criteria for the preceding semester:  


     Join the Renaissance Schoology Course – This course can be found on Schoology and provides students with important information (deadlines, field trips, requirements, etc.) throughout the year.

    • Submit the Renaissance Application – The application is available in the front of each student’s agenda book (4 copies; 1 for each mid-semester check and 1 for each semester) and in the online student handbook on the school’s website. Completed applications are submitted to Mrs. Owens on the Schoology course.

    • Grades – Students must have all As, Bs, and/or Cs (no C-) to be eligible. 

    • Assignments – A maximum of six (6) supportive assignments (homework, class assignments) may be missed across all classes. Please refer to the student handbook for a more comprehensive description of supportive assessments.

    • Attendance - A maximum of four (4) unexcused absences 

    • Disciplinary record – Students must have no disciplinary referrals for the semester.

    • Participation Hours – Students must accumulate a minimum of 10 participation hours and at least two of those hours must be community service related.  

    • What counts as an activity?
      • KRMS sports
      • KRMS wellness activities 
      • KRMS clubs
      • KRMS after-school academic assistance programs
    • What does not count as an activity?
      • Out-of-school activities, such as scouts, recreation or travel sports teams, dance, karate, etc.).
    • What counts as a community-service related activity?
      • Any type of volunteer service where you are assisting an individual, group of people, or organization. Examples include the following:
      • Raking leaves for a neighbor.
      • Helping set-up tables for the Holiday Craft Show
      • Volunteering to help at the Dragon Run.
      • Planting flowers at the school as part of the KRMS Garden Club.