KRMS Renaissance Program - Spring Update 2020

    Will the KRMS Renaissance Program continue despite our current situation?

    Yes, we continue to value the Renaissance Program and the opportunities it presents for our students to demonstrate excellence and connect with our school community. Due to the current environment, it is necessary to revamp the KRMS Renaissance Program requirements for the second semester. See below for more details; email Mrs. Owens at owenss@krsd.org or Mrs. Virga at virgae@krsd.org with any questions.
    What rewards will students earn?

    • Qualifying 7th grade students earn a MS Renaissance card and access to a September Renaissance field trip to the FunPlex in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey.
    • Qualifying 8th grade students earn a HS Renaissance Card, including SMART Lunch Privileges and access to semester one HS Renaissance events.
    • All cards will be issued in September.
    What are the updated Semester Two Renaissance requirements for students?

    1. Join KRMS Renaissance Google Classroom; code: wpczovx
    2. Complete 6 mandatory FlipGrid posts, one for each pillar of character; FlipGrid code: dragon20
    3. Select and complete two additional activities from the chart below. Detailed directions, for each option, are available in the KRMS Renaissance Google Classroom.
    4. Engage in virtual instruction for all classes; more information to be provided about tiers & grades at a later date.
    5. No discipline referrals
    6. Submit the following in the KRMS Renaissance Google Classroom:
    a. Renaissance Application - Google Form
    b. Artifacts from two activities
    c. Complete and mark FlipGrid posts as “DONE”
    What requirements are suspended for this semester?

    • Attendance
    • Supportive Assessments
    • 10 participation hours (if already earned, see below for how may still be applied)
    KRMS Renaissance Program Spring 2020 Requirement Options
    Renaissance Rocks
    Write two paragraphs about the benefits
    of the KRMS Renaissance Program. Consider how the program relates to excellence in academics and school involvement. How has the Renaissance Program positively impacted your middle school experience? 

    Just Journal It!
    Complete a Digital Pandemic Journal - you are creating a primary source document of HISTORY. You are a part of it and your documentation may someday be used to help others understand what life was like during this unprecedented time in world.
    Community Service
    Do something good for someone in our community.
    Provide evidence of your act of kindness/good deed in the form of a picture, video, or written explanation.
    Participation Hours
    Option 1: If you had previously completed five or more hours or continued to complete hours after school closed, these hours will still be honored.
    Take a picture of your log and submit it.
    Option 2: If you attend a virtual club or wellness meeting, use the Google Form to report your hours.
    Complete Quizizz assignment about
    the Renaissance Program. This assignment is designed to assist you in better understanding the goals and mission as well as the requirements and incentives associated with the KRMS Renaissance Program. 

    Promo Poster
    Create an informational Renaissance Poster for incoming 7th graders. Inspire new Dragons to apply themselves in order to become Renaissance
    cardholders. Your poster may be handwritten/drawn or completed with technology. It must be a minimum of 8.5” x 11”.
    Selected posters will be displayed in our hallways at the start of the 2020-2021 school year!



    Renaissance Program Overview


    Kingsway Regional Middle School is a proud Renaissance School. Partnering with local businesses, the community, and parents, this incentive program recognizes students for their hard work and effort in a variety of ways. The program highlights and rewards students with respect to the following areas: academics, behavior, attendance, community service, and after school participation. A celebration occurs each marking period once students qualify for the program; additionally, once students become members of the program, students are awarded their renaissance card to use in the community.