• Renaissance Program


    The Renaissance program runs for each semester; every student is eligible at the beginning of each semester.  In order to earn membership for this incentive based program, students must meet the following criteria for the preceding semester:  






    • Join the Renaissance Schoology Course- This is split up by grade level.


    • Submit Renaissance Application – Available in each student’s agenda book (4 copies, 1 for each mid semester check, 1 for each semester ) and in the online student handbook on the school’s The application will be submitted through an assignment on Schoology.  The assignment will post the week the applications are due.


    • Grades – All As, Bs, and/or Cs (no C-) *All grades must be a 73 or higher


    • AssignmentsMaximum of six (6) supportive assignments (homework, class assignments) may be missed across all classes. Please refer to the student handbook for a more comprehensive description of supportive assessments.


    • Disciplinary record – No discipline referrals acted upon in the office.


    • Participation Hours – Minimum 10 hours documented participation per SEMESTER

      • What counts?
        • KRMS sports/wellness activities, clubs, community service, and/or academic assistance
        • Out of school community service
      • What does not count?
        • Out of school activities (scouts, rec or travel sports teams, dance, karate, etc.)




    *As we move to a semester model at the middle school,

    we will also host opportunities for students to be recognized

    and attend mid-semester Renaissance Fair Check-Ins in November and April.


    • Check-In Requirements
      • Submit Mid-Semester Application with 5 hours of School and/or Community Involvement (form found in student agendas).
      • Discipline Referrals – No administrative discipline issued
      • Supportive Assessments – 3 or less zeros


    • Rewards
      • “Middie” Renaissance Card – cell phone privileges, donut delivery, and raffles
      • There are no tiers for “Middie Cards”