School Performance Reports

  • The Department of Education releases School Performance Reports for each public school in the state annually to provide user-friendly information to the public about school performance. The information in these Reports also provides useful data to educators and districts to help develop local improvement plans.  

    2014-2015 School Performance Report

    2015-2016 School Performance Report

    KRMS Performance Report Narrative

    2016-2017 School Performance Report;  Summary Report 2016-17

    2017-18 School Performance ReportSummary Report 2017-18

    The School Performance Report contains information in the three key areas below.

    Academic Achievement
    Academic Achievement measures the content knowledge students have in language arts literacy and math.

    College & Career Readiness
    College and Career Readiness measures the degree to which students are demonstrating behaviors that are indicative of future attendance and/or success in college and careers.

    Graduation and Post-Secondary (High School Only)
    Graduation and Postsecondary measures the rate at which students who begin high school four years earlier graduate within four years.

    Student Growth (Middle School Only)
    Student Growth measures the performance of students
    from one year to the next on the New Jersey Assessment of Skills and Knowledge (NJ ASK) in Language Arts Literacy and Math when compared to students with a similar history of performance on

    To learn more about Kingsway Regional’s performance, click the link below.
    2014-2015 School Performance Report

NJ School Performance