• The middle school years are unique in human, social, emotional and intellectual development. The emerging adolescent is caught in changes swirling all around. Our students are maturing intellectually at a significantly high rate. They need a place where close, trusting relationships with adults and peers create a climate for personal growth and intellectual development.

    Three qualities should be present into such a setting. Initially, the student should have an opportunity to join a small community in which people–students and adults–get to know each other well. Second, every student must be able to rely on a small, caring group of adults who work closely with each other to provide coordinated, meaningful, and challenging educational experiences. Finally, every student should have the opportunity to get involved in a variety of academic and extra curricular activities.

    Additionally, our school must offer a core curriculum, which goes beyond the simple recall of facts to the higher-level thinking and processing skills. The curriculum must be integrated into course offerings. Our curriculum will offer opportunity to learn values, skills and a sense of social responsibility. Students will be able to link new learning with prior learning across the curriculum.

    Ensuring success for all students is a goal of our middle school. Our school will strive to offer opportunities to exhibit excellence and to gain confidence and personal satisfaction in all their future endeavors. Structuring for success is a perpetual goal of our school.

    There is a crucial need to help adolescents at this early age acquire self-esteem, reliable and relatively close human relationships, a sense of belonging in a valued group, and a sense of usefulness in some way beyond one's self. The social, emotional and intellectual areas of early adolescence will continually be addressed at Kingsway Regional Middle School.