Committed to Excellence

    • Assistant Principal Roles


      We have a very talented high school administrative team in place to ensure the safety and security of our students and staff, and to ensure that our students meet the very high expectations we have set for them.


      Mrs. Kerr and Mr. Beirao oversee Grades 9 and 10, respectively, and are housed in the North Main Office.  Mrs. Kerr handles the majority of disciplinary needs and inquiries involving our freshmen while Mr. Beirao handles those involving sophomores. They also oversee other programs and protocols specific to these grade levels.


      Mrs. Stowman-Burke and Mr. Zurzolo oversee Grades 11 and 12, respectively, and are housed in the South Main Office.  Mrs. Stowman-Burke handles a majority of junior level disciplinary needs and inquiries, while Mr. Zurzolo fulfills this role for our senior class.  Additionally, Mrs. Stowman-Burke oversees programs and protocols specific to our juniors, while Mr. Zurzolo provides oversight for the various senior events and activities, including prom, senior trip, and graduation.


      All inquiries involving discipline imposed at the administrative level should begin at the Assistant Principal level. For discipline imposed at the teacher level, please direct all initial inquiries to the teacher.