About the KEF

  • The Kingsway Education Foundation (KEF) is a 501(c) (3) charitable organization. It is independent of the Kingsway Regional School District, but is intended to support the District’s educational goals.


    Historically, the Kingsway Regional School District has been able to support a range of programs that have kept its middle school and high school at the forefront of education. Over the last few years however, Kingsway has seen its state aid per pupil reduced by more than 65%. In 2010 Trenton lawmakers cut state aid in excess of 17%. As a result Kingsway lost valuable educational programs, academic electives, and freshman athletics at that time. 


    Today, underfunding our school district continues and the State of New Jersey has refused to provide the obligatory funds it is required to. The School Funding Formula (SFRA) entitles full state aid to school districts per pupil enrollment. However, as Kingsway's enrollment swelled beyond what its operating budget could handle, state funding has been held relatively flat.  To illustrate this point, Kingsway is funded at 47% of what it is entitled to, whereas Washington Twp. is funded at 140%. What does this all mean? It is simple, the burden of funding our schools has disproportionally been placed on the backs of our tax payers.


    Concerned over this erosion of state financial support and wanting to enhance the educational programs in the District, our superintendent of schools, Dr. Lavender, organized a group of community leaders, parents and alumni in 2010 and formed the Kingsway Education Foundation (KEF). As a result, the KEF has funded thousands of dollars for student scholarships, mini-grants, and creative & performing arts programs through proceeds raised during a variety of annual events, corporate sponsorship, and generous donations.

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