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    The Kingsway Technology Department assumes a pivotal role in managing a comprehensive array of technological facets. Our responsibilities encompass a wide spectrum, including helpdesk services, procurement, oversight of networking infrastructure, management of wired and wireless devices, and the implementation of network security measures. Our team comprises six dedicated full-time professionals who are unwaveringly committed to supporting technology initiatives at both the district and building levels. Furthermore, our sphere of influence extends beyond Kingsway Regional, as we also bear the responsibility of overseeing all technology initiatives within the municipalities of Woolwich, East Greenwich, South Harrison Township, and Harrison Township.

    Our mission is deeply rooted in harnessing contemporary technologies to reinforce the overarching goal of the Kingsway Regional School District. Our primary objective is to equip all students with the skills necessary to thrive in an increasingly technological society. To this end, we have articulated a comprehensive mission statement, delineating our commitment in the following areas:

      • Ensuring the Robust Maintenance and Accessibility of Information Technology throughout the District: Our primary aim is to maintain the integrity and accessibility of information technology resources across the entire District.

      • Fostering Student Achievement: We are steadfast in our dedication to providing students with equitable access to information and technology resources, enabling them to leverage these tools in their pursuit of academic excellence.

      • Enhancing Staff Effectiveness: Our commitment extends to empowering staff members with the competence and capacity to seamlessly integrate technology into the curriculum and their instructional methodologies.

      • Facilitating Access to Information Resources and Learning Tools: We are resolute in our efforts to ensure that students, staff, parents, and community members have equal opportunities to access a wealth of information resources.

      • Providing Comprehensive Support Systems and Leadership: We recognize the paramount importance of equipping the district with the necessary technologies, fostering a shared vision, staffing, developing policies and procedures, establishing effective communication systems, fortifying infrastructure, and allocating resources. All of these elements collectively enhance the teaching and learning experience while efficiently supporting administrative functions.

      • Ensuring IT Safety and Security: Prioritizing the safety and security of our information technology infrastructure, our mission encompasses safeguarding data and systems from cyber threats and vulnerabilities. We diligently implement robust security measures and educate stakeholders about best practices to maintain a secure digital environment.