• Parents/Students - Feel free to stop by the High School North Main Entrance any Tuesday from 3pm-4pm and Thursday 8am-9am for technology support or to obtain a school device.  No appointment necessary


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    If you don't have email or technology access please call 856-467-3300 X4256   

    Please make sure to give us as much detail as possible for us to help you with your issue (name, number, description of problem, etc.) 

    Thank you



    The Technology Department manages all areas of technology related to helpdesk support, purchasing, networking and infrastructure, and network security. Kingsway Regional employees 5 full-time professionals to support District and building-level technology initiatives. The Technology Department also oversees all technology initiatives for the South Harrison Township Elementary School District, and the municipalities of Woolwich, East Greenwich, and Harrison Townships.

    The Kingsway Technology Department is committed to using current technologies to support the Kingsway Regional School District’s district-wide goal to educate all students to high standards enabling them to function effectively in a technological society.

    It is our mission:

    • To ensure that throughout the District, information technology is well maintained, useful and available.

    • Student Achievement – Students will have equal opportunities to access information and technology resources and use these resources to support their academic achievement efforts.

    • Staff Effectiveness – Staff will be competent and effective in accessing technology and resources and in integrating technology into the curriculum and their instructional practice.

    • Information Resources and Learning Tools- Students, staff and parents/community members will have equal opportunities to access information resources.

    • Support Systems and Leadership – Appropriate technologies, including shared vision, staffing, policies and procedures, communication systems, infrastructure and resources, will be provided by the district to enhance the teaching and learning experience and administratively support that experience.

    • To provide data and the tools to do analysis, planning, budgeting, State reporting and all other District business functions in an efficient, cost effective and accurate manner