Mission & Vision


    Kingsway’s school counseling department’s mission is to effectively deliver a cohesive school counseling program through which students acquire the tools to achieve individual and post-secondary success socially, emotionally, and academically while addressing students’ unique needs through a multi-tiered system of support that ensures access for all to necessary resources and that are delivered within a diverse and nurturing community. 


    It is the vision of Kingsway’s school counseling department that all students be successfully prepared for their unique college, career, and life path and that all students graduate as intrinsically motivated learners, contributing citizens, and empowered members of society.


    Through collaboration and advocacy, school counselors are professional student advocates who help all students maximize their achievement, develop their confidence, and realize their potential.  Kingsway school counselors believe:

    • All students have worth.
    • All students can be empowered to take ownership of their future.
    • All students will have access to school counseling services.
    • School counselors are integral partners in the success of students.
    • School counselors will collaborate with students, families, faculty, administrators, and community members to address students’ needs.
    • School counselors will consistently evaluate activities to measure effectiveness and adjust as needed.
    • School counselors will adhere to the ASCA Code of Ethics.

School Counseling Curriculum

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      Counselor Confidentiality Statement

      • Counselor Confidentiality Statement

        The information students share with the Counselor is confidential. The student's right to privacy is guarded as much as permitted by law, ethics, and school rules.  All meetings held with the Counselor will remain confidential unless the student or parent gives permission to share information with related parties.  As Professional School Counselors, we respect the rights of confidentiality of personal information disclosed during the course of conversation between ourselves and students, except in the following cases: 

        • If the student presents a danger to him or herself.

        • If the student presents a danger to others.

        • If the student has been abused by others, and/or if required to do so by court order.

        • If the student gives permission for the information to be shared.

        As mandated reporters, we are bound by Federal and State law to break confidentiality in the situations mentioned above and will do so to protect our students and to remain legally and ethically true to our profession.  The Professional School Counselor may consult with other school professionals but will only share information necessary to achieving the goals of the consultation.

      Mike Schiff, Supervisor