• The Kingsway Education Foundation has provided mini-grants for innovative programs and initiatives that advance the District's strategic plan. Grants range from approximately $500 to $2,500. Since 2012 the Foundation has donated $190,147. These grants have helped fund 87 innovative programs and resources developed by Kingsway faculty and staff. 


    The most recently funded mini-grants include support for:

    • Participation in a Teen Arts Festival (HS)
    • Introduction of technology and interactive simulations in Chemistry (HS)
    • New laptops for engineering (HS)
    • 3rd Annual Wellness Fair (MS & HS)
    • Chromebooks for ICR Bio & Environmental Science (HS)
    • Duolingo stations and dictionaries for foreign language studies (MS)
    • Student Council leadership training (MS)
    • Equipment to analyze power, speed, energy output and heart rate in fitness (MS)


    How Does it Work?

    Any faculty or staff member can apply for a KEF mini-grant to provide enriching academic experiences in the classroom as well as to provide for or enhance extracurricular experiences that enrich the development of our students.  Awards vary but have typically ranged from $500 to $2,500. 

    The Foundation’s objective is to encourage and support professionals who have innovative ideas that enhance the experiences of students. Mini-grants enable the purchase of supplies, materials and other resources not provided for by the District’s operating budget. All grant recipients will be required to report on expenditure of grant funds and results of the supported project within one year of the award.


    The programs applicants submitted for funding are evaluated for their overall merit, alignment to the District’s strategic plan, and expected outcomes. It is believed that successful implementation of selected programs will advance the District’s strategic plan as well as the learning experiences of our students.


    Money raised by the Kingsway Education Foundation is the result of a lot of hard work by a number of volunteers who facilitate fundraisers and solicit donations. You are encouraged to support the Foundation in any way you can so that we can continue to return proceeds back to our District to support our students and staff.


    The document below provides a history of all mini-grants awarded since 2012.

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