• Kingsway Regional High School supports opportunities for its students to earn college credits while still attending high school.   The information below provides insight into the process afforded to the students via Camden County Colleges (CCC) High School Plus Program.   


    Kingsway students who enroll in approved dual credit courses will have the opportunity to earn 3 college credits through CCC. Students enrolling in the CCC program will need an application for each course taken and pay a fee of $150.00 per course. The application window will be advertised to eligible students in class and parents will be notified through email. Students will not be able to apply for dual credit status in courses already completed. Once the course is completed in June, the grade will be sent to CCC for review and a transcript generated. Generally, a final grade of an A or B will generate 3 college credits at CCC. However, there are exceptions. Please consult your teacher or counselor for course specific information or should you have any other questions.


    Below are a list of Kingsway courses that comply with this agreement.


    Transcripts are generally generated in July. To access your CCC transcript, please use their WebAdvisor