• KRHS Ambassadors Student Ambassadors are a group of students dedicated to the positive promotion of Kingsway Regional High School. They will work on a volunteer basis to serve as liaisons between the current Kingsway community and students. The Student Ambassador’s main job is to aid new students to become an active member of the Kingsway community. 

    Ambassadors can serve the school in multiple ways through our various committees which include:

    • Hospitality
    • Tutoring
    • Environment
    • Mentoring
    • Student Outreach
    • One Dragon Family


    Student Ambassadors may be asked to volunteer for the following events:

    • Freshman Open House
    • Transition Camp
    • Back to School Night
    • Logan Elementary Visit
    • New/Transfer Student Tours
    • Monthy committee sponsored events


    The Student Ambassadors' duties include:

    • Assisting students to find classrooms, lockers, and major areas of high school
    • Teaching them how to navigate S.M.A.R.T. lunch
    • Answering questions about activities, classes, building facilities and school rules
    • Positively representing the Kingsway student body
    • Improving the environment of the school visually through educational bulletin boards which are geared to SEL
    • Working with guidance counselors and tutoring students when they need it
    • Participating in monthly events that coincide with the theme for each month for One Dragon Family
    • Reaching out to the Middle School, Logan as well as current Kingsway students promoting a sense of belonging



    Juniors and Seniors can apply in the summer  by deadlines provided in Schoology. The Student Ambassadors applications are reviewed by a committee and students are accepted based on grades, discipline, and strength of application