• Kingsway Regional School District has an Onboarding process that will assist in not only starting your career with us, but to make sure it is a long and successful career.  Let's start with your employee benefits:



    Please learn about our BeneService Member Advocacy Program offered at Kingsway Regional School District. This service is provided to assist you with billing issues and if you need assistance understanding the way plans are administered.


    Medical Benefits

    Please see the Benefits Enrollment Guide for an overview of the benefits offered at Kingsway Regional School District.


    Once you have obtained your medical benefits coverage, you can register at https://www.myahabenefits.com to view your benefits, request a new or temporary card, and view participating providers.


    *LABCORP to become Exclusive Outpatient Lab

    Effective May 1, 2018, LabCorp Corporation of America® Holdings (LabCorp) will become the exclusive outpatient lab for all AmeriHealth Administrators customers.  Choosing LabCorp as the exclusive outpatient lab supports delivering a consistent plan member experience without affecting quality or access to outpatient lab services.  LabCorp includes the following affiliates as part of its specialty laboratory testing group: Dianon Pathology, Integrated Oncology, Integrated Genetics, MedTox Laboratories, Monogram BioSciences, and Litholink (“Specialty Testing Group”). In addition to LabCorp and the Specialty Testing Group, AmeriHealth Administrators will include some other contracted freestanding laboratories in-network, after May 1, 2018.  Plan members can visit the member page of https://www.myahabenefits.com or log on to the secure website listed on their ID card and access the Find a Provider tool to find in-network laboratory providers.  Look for “independent laboratory” in the “start your search here” box.


    Vision Benefits

    Vision benefits are through Amerihealth Administrators and providers can be located at https://www.myahabenefits.com once you are registered for benefits.  Just enter Vision in the search bar.


    Dental Benefits

    Please see the Delta Dental Benefits Summary for an overview of the dental benefits offered at Kingsway Regional School District. 


    Get a New Delta Dental ID Card or visit Delta Dental of New Jersey


    Prescription Benefits

    • Express Scripts Member Services – members can call Express Scripts Member Services at (800) 467-2006 or visit the website at – express-scripts.com
    • Register Your Account – Get the most out of your prescription benefits and set up your account at express-scripts.com.  (Access ID cards, refill medications, see which medications are covered, etc.)


    Healthcare Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

    A Healthcare FSA allows you to budget and save for qualified
    medical expenses incurred over the course of your upcoming
    plan year. It is a great savings tool for you and your family. The
    expense must be primarily to alleviate or prevent a physical or
    mental defect or illness and cannot be reimbursed by insurance
    or any other source. Your entire election amount for a medical FSA is available the
    July 1st of your plan year.  


    2021-2022 FSA Maximum Salary Reduction Amounts

    Medical FSA


    Dependent Care FSA

    (Married filing Separate)


    Dependent Care FSA

    (Married filing joint, head of household, or single)




    Please see the links below for more information about the FSA:

    Medical FSA Overview

    FSA Employee Guide

    FSA Guide to Ordering Debit Cards

    FSA Guide to Carrying Over Funds

    Eligible Expenses

    FSA Calculator 


    Enrollment Forms