• New Hire Paperwork


    Congratulations on your new appointment with the Kingsway Regional School District. As a new employee of the District, you must complete the following forms.  Please contact Jessica Bittmann, Director of Human Resources, at 856-467-3300 ext. 4323 or via email at bittmannj2@krsd.us to schedule a time to review your paperwork.  If you do not have access to a printer, please contact Human Resources for assistance.   


    Computer Internet Usage Agreement

    Direct Deposit Authorization

    Employee Emergency Contact

    Employee Health Information

    I-9 Form

    Mantoux Test Memo

    New Hire Information Form

    Pension Enrollment Form

    Pension Enrollment Form DCRP (for bus drivers, bus aides, and cafeteria staff)

    Pension Transfer Form (for new hires coming from another NJ public school)

    Physical Examination Form

    Previous Employer Drug and Alcohol (Bus Drivers only)

    Sexual Misconduct Child Abuse Disclosure Release (see below for details)

    W-4 2020



    In order to work in the District, you must have a Criminal History Review conducted by the NJ Department of Education.   If you have never had your fingerprints scanned with the Department of Education, you will need to schedule an appointment.  If you have had your fingerprints scanned previously, you simply need to archive your prints online with our District (district code 2440).     Please visit Criminal History Review to get started, it takes at least two weeks to process.  Instructions for completing your criminal history can be found here


    Medical Benefits

    Employees who are eligible for medical benefits should review our benefits webpage and complete any applicable enrollment forms.  For questions regarding your medical benefits and eligibility, please contact Jessica Bittmann, Director of Human Resources, at bittmannj2@krsd.us.  


    P.L 2018, c. 5 Sexual Misconduct/Child Abuse Disclosure

    Effective June 1, 2018, state statue (P.L. 2018, c.5) requires that all school districts, charter schools, nonpublic schools, and contracted service providers make certain inquiries regarding child abuse and sexual misconduct of prospective employees who will have regular contact with students. 


    All prospective employees must submit a Sexual Misconduct Child Abuse Disclosure Release Form for each of their former employers from the past twenty years to the Human Resources office (only employers where there was direct contact with children).  Once former employers receive the disclosure request from Kingsway Regional School District, they must then return completed forms to our Human Resources office within 20 days.