Special Education Programs

  • At Kingsway, we believe all students are capable of academic success with the appropriate supports and interventions within their least restrictive environment.  It is our responsibility to foster a conducive learning environment that includes individually tailored IEP goals and objectives, the delivery of accommodations and modifications specific to each child, and the opportunity for inclusion in the general education setting to ensure progress. Therefore, Kingsway Regional School District offers a complete range of programs for students who have been determined to be "Eligible for Special Education and Related Services." Related services including, but not limited to school nursing services, speech/language therapy, occupational and physical therapies, counseling, and special transportation are provided to students who are deemed in need of such services by the IEP team in consultation with specialists.

    • In-Class Support Resource (ICR): This placement occurs within in the general education classroom. Both the general education teacher and special education teacher provide appropriate instruction and supports. Special Education students receive assistance from the special education teacher who is required to provide modifications and accommodations as specified in the student’s Individualized Education Plan, or IEP. There will be no more than 10 special education students in an ICR setting.

    • Resource Center (RC) or Small Group Instruction (SGI): This placement refers to a small group, structured learning environment where the teacher instructs students using a modified version of the general education curriculum as appropriate. These changes to the pace and depth of instruction occur to ensure student understanding and success. Class size is limited to 12 for RC and 16 for SGI. RC may also be referred to as Pull-Out Replacement.

    • Self-contained Programs (S.T.E.P.): Our self-contained programs, S.T.E.P. (Structured Transitional Education Program), is dedicated to enhancing the lives of students with unique learning needs through structured, transitional supports and educational opportunities that provide the real-life application of functional, academic, and 21st-century life and career skills in the school, community and workplace. The major objective of S.T.E.P. is to support students with learning differences transition to independent living. The program offers a number of courses that provide real-life application of functional, academic, and 21st century life and career skills in the school, community and workplace. Course offerings exclusive to S.T.E.P. are offered and detailed in our Program Planning Guide.  include Daily Living, Independent Living, and Botany, which are detailed below.