• The goal of summer assignments at KRSD is to continue to engage students in academic activities throughout the summer or to provide continued practice so students enter the next school year with confidence.  These activities have been designed to be completed independently without the need of direct instruction to further demonstrate the importance of self-directed learning.




    PLEASE NOTE: Kingsway Regional High School's goal is to mail schedules by mid-July. This information will aid parents and students in determining if a corresponding math summer assignment is available.  All math summer assignments are optional. 


    If a course is not listed below, then a summer assignment is not required for that course.  Students who transfer into the Kingsway Regional School District on or after August 1, 2021, will be given extended time at the discretion of the teacher. 


    When emailing questions regarding summer assignments please include the grade level and course name you are inquiring about.




English/language Arts Summer Assignments 7-12

  • For information on the ELA Summer Reading Assignments for ALL students grades 7 - 12, please click HERE.


    For more information on the ELA Summer Assignments, please contact the ELA Supervisor, Rachael Anderson, at andersonr@krsd.org.

Math Summer Assignments 7-12

  • For information on the Math Summer Assignments for ALL students grade 7 - 12, please click HERE.


    For more information on the Math Summer Assignments, please contact the Math Supervisor, Balvir Singh, at singhb@krsd.org.

High School Science Summer Assignments

High School History Summer Assignments

High School Visual & Performing Arts Summer Assignments

High School Academy Summer Assignment

  • For more information on the History Summer Assignments, please contact the History supervisor, Meredith Alexander, at alexanderm@krsd.org


    for more information on the Science Summer Assignments, please contact the Science Supervisor, Megan Bruder, at bruderm@krsd.org


    For more information on the Visual & Performing Arts Summer Assignments, please contact the Supervisor, Katie Fransko, at franskok@krsd.org


    Special education students will complete the same ELA & Math summer assignments listed above.  Should you have any additional questions, please  contact the Special Education Supervisor, Katie Fransko, at franskok@krsd.org