• History

    Kingsway opened its doors for the first time on September 5, 1963… When our first Superintendent – Bob Costill – welcomed 675 7th – 12th grade students and 34 teachers to the new Kingsway.


    On that day students and staff were introduced to a state-of-the-art facility, built on 65 acres of farmland once owned by Henry Salisbury’s family… Students would have been issued uniforms bearing the school’s official colors, “Scarlet and Black” and been told that a dragon was the school’s new mascot, selected because it went along with Kingsway’s regal connotation.


    Over the course of the 1963-64 school year members of the senior body, initially angry to have been pulled away from their beloved Swedesboro and Woodstown High Schools, began to embrace the new Kingsway and would become the first 89 seniors to walk across this auditorium stage (what is now Eitel Theater) to receive their high school diploma that following June.


    Dr. Lavender’s Opening Remarks, Celebrating 50th Anniversary

    Kingsway Celebrates 50 Years of Tradition and Success

    50th Anniversary Video Documentary

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    Historical Facts & Highlights


    January 11, 1961
    First meeting of the Regional Study Committee:
    East Greenwich – William Mullen, Nicholas Kafka, Warren Simmler.
    South Harrison – Harvey Skinner, William Huggins, William Pettit.
    Swedesboro-Woolwich – Charles Homan, Helmut Leibfarth, Mrs. Verna Perry.


    March 8, 1961
    Committee drafted letter to Commissioner of Education to be sent along with copies of resolution from the three constituent boards requesting permission to hold an election for the formation of a regional district. District was tentatively named “Kingsway” at this meeting.


    July 11, 1961
    First election for the formation of the district was held. Proposal was defeated by a narrow 39-vote margin in East Greenwich while passing in the other districts.


    October 3, 1961
    Second election was held and approved in all three districts by a total vote of 1088 to 390.


    October 10, 1961
    Organization meeting of regional board, with the following members appointed by the County Superintendent: Charles S. Homan, William Mullen, Frank Centurione, Henry B. Engle, Nicholas P. Kafka, William C. Pettit, Joseph A. Pidgeon, Mrs. Elaine S. Rode, Robert M. Urion. Mr. Homan was elected president and Mr. Millen vice president.


    November 13, 1961
    Regional Board agrees to purchase Salisbury Farm as site for school.


    December 18, 1961
    Mrs. Evelyn T. Dunn appointed board secretary and Theodore A. Damask as custodian of school funds. Radey & Radey appointed architects.


    January 8, 1962
    Robert S. Costill appointed part-time superintendent of schools.


    February 28, 1962
    Hearing before State Department of Education on Bond Issue


    March 27, 1962
    Election for approval of $1,7500,000 Bond Issue to construct the school: 836 yes, 177 no.


    August 15, 1962
    Bids received on construction of school.


    August 25, 1962
    Ground-breaking for new school.


    September 17, 1962
    Work actually started on school.


    November 5, 1962
    School colors, Scarlet and Black, adopted by Board of Education. Curriculum submitted by Superintendent Costill and adopted by Board.


    February 4, 1963
    First budget approved by district.


    February 11, 1963
    First budget approved by district.


    April 22, 1963
    Robert S. Costill named Superintendent-Principal of Kingsway. Twenty-five teachers employed for the 1963-64 term.


    July 8, 1963
    Staff complete for opening of school.


    September 5, 1963
    School officially open.


    September 7, 1963
    Cornerstone Laying.

    Time Capsule
    • September 7, 1963 (2:00 p.m.) – Time capsule was buried in the 1963 Cornerstone near the auditorium.
    • October 26, 2013 (9:00 a.m.) – Time capsule was unearthed prior to a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and its contents displayed in North Foyer.


    Contents of Time Capsule
    • Regional High School Study Committee Report, 1960-1961
    • Kingsway Regional High School District Proposal, Feb. 28, 1962
    • Proposal to sell $1,750,000 in School District Bonds, Apr. 18, 1963
    • The Swedesboro News, May 16, 1963
    • The Swedesboro, New, “The Kingsway School Edition,” Aug. 29, 1963
    • 1st Student Handbook, Sep. 1963
    • “The Kingsway Dragon,” 1st School Newspaper, Sep. 1963, Vol. I, No. I
    • Pennant reading Kingsway with logo
    • Decal (only backing of decal survived)

  • “The band members of Kingsway will be receiving their new scarlet and black uniforms prior to the first football game, Raymond Wiggins, bandmaster announced. The majority of the members have been fitted and the uniforms are now being produced. The band is slated to play the first day of school when the total school population meets in the auditorium and also at the dedication ceremonies on September 7, 1963.” – Swedesboro News (Today’s Newtown Press) 8/29/1963


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