Going Green Initiative

  • The Kingsway Regional School District is committed to conserving energy and increasing sustainability. Through education and new energy conservation programs we have cut our energy usage, reduced our carbon footprint and saved tax dollars. Kingsway’s Energy Conservation success has saved the District, and taxpayers, more than $2 million, despite facility expansions and dramatic student enrollment growth. See Kingsway’s Energy Conservation Program saves $2.3 million.

    The Kingsway Regional School District, an Energy Star Leader District, continues to operate as one of the most energy efficient schools districts in New Jersey. This prestigious recognition is presented to the most energy efficient school districts in the country. Kingsway Regional School District was recognized because it has accomplished energy efficiency improvements placing it in the top 25% of school districts nationwide for energy conservation savings. Kingsway Regional School District is the only public school district in Southern New Jersey to have received the Energy Star Leader Award. The Kingsway Middle School also received an Energy Star award in 2010.

    “We are extremely pleased to receive this recognition from ENERGY STAR,” said Dr. James Lavender, School District Superintendent. “Our energy conservation efforts are saving taxpayer dollars while also helping protect our local environment. Since our district began partnering with the conservation experts at Energy Education on a serious energy conservation program we have saved $1,345,000 and the environmental impact is equal to taking 826 cars off the street or planting 117,704 trees in our community. We are proud that our energy saving success is being recognized by ENERGY STAR.”

    The cost of utilities is the second largest budget line-item for our School District, and the prices for energy have been steadily increasing. To combat these rising energy and utility costs, the district entered into a partnership with Cenergistic, formerly Energy Education, to implement a comprehensive organizational behavior-driven – energy conservation program throughout its campus. “Each of us can make a difference through energy conservation, because people use energy, school buildings don’t,” said Superintendent Lavender. “Students, teachers and staff are part of a daily effort to improve the environment and save money district-wide. There are dozens and dozens of changes, large and small, that we have implemented that are saving energy without affecting our comfort or educational goals. We have also been able to include many cutting edge Energy Conservation concepts and equipment in our recently completed addition and renovation program. We have all gained a real sense of accomplishment from ENERGY STAR’s recognition.”

    John Samuel serves as the on-site Energy Specialist, having been trained by the Energy Consultants and Engineers at Cenergistic. In addition to directing the strategic program to reduce energy consumption, Mr. Samuel has assisted the district in obtaining rebates and incentives for installing energy efficient equipment as part of the new additions and renovations at both schools. In addition, John brought the awareness of a Demand Response Program to Kingsway and after signing a contract, the district will see payments of close to $18,000 annually for being available to curtail energy consumption during peak periods of energy demand in the summer months.

    Kingsway’s energy conservation program is projected to save $3.1 Million through the first ten years of its energy conservation program.

Energy Star Partner
  • Mr. John Samuel
    Energy Manager
    O: (856) 467-4600, Ext. 4205
    F: (856) 467-5382
    Email: samuelj@krsd.us

Energy Leader