Committed to Excellence

    • Fast Facts

      Year Founded: 1963
      School Colors: Scarlett & Black
      School Mascot: Dragon

      District Creed: Committed to Excellence
      District Slogan: “Once a Dragon, Always a Dragon”
      Constituent Members: The Townships of East Greenwich, Woolwich, South Harrison and the Borough of Swedesboro
      Tuition Districts: The Township of Logan


      Energy Star Leader Award (2012)
      Ranked Philadelphia Area Best High Schools (2012)
      High Performing School District (2011) – NJ DOE


      District Enrollment by School
      Middle School (7-8): 883
      High School (9-12): 1,707
      Total District Enrollment: 2,590


      District Enrollment % by Community
      East Greenwich: 28%
      Woolwich: 42%
      South Harrison: 10%
      Swedesboro: 10%
      Logan (9-12):10%

      Length of School Year: 181
      Length of Student Day: 6 Hrs. 46 Minutes


      Average SAT: 1,527
      Language Arts Proficiency (HSPA): 93%
      Math Proficiency (HSPA): 88%

      Graduation Rate: 96.52%

      Percent of Students College Bound: 86%


      Financial Health

      Total Budget: $36.6M
      Bond Rating: AAA (Moody’s)


      Student Demographics

      Female Students: 49%

      Male Students: 51%

      Caucasian Students: 77%
      Minority Students: 23%
      Special Education Students: 16%
      English Language Learners: >1%


      Degrees Earned (Faculty)
      Doctorate: 0.96%
      Master’s: 27.4%
      Bachelor’s: 71.64%


      Notable Faculty/Alumni

      George Burrel, Class of 1964

      William Gibbs, Retired Faculty (1963-1976)

      Dan Meyer, Class of 1999

      R.J. Page, Class of 1998


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      Committed to Excellence