The vision of the Kingsway Regional School District School Counseling Department is to provide data-driven and developmentally appropriate counseling services as part of a comprehensive 7-12 program that utilizes Kingsway’s Program of Studies.

    Our students will be lifelong learners, responsible citizens, and contributing members of society who are empowered to pursue the challenges of the 21st century and are “Committed to Excellence.”  

    The Kingsway Regional School District school counselors believe:

    • All students have worth.
    • All students can be empowered to realize their potential.
    • All students will have access to school counseling services.
    • The School Counselors are integral partners that advocate for students.
    • The School Counselor will collaborate with students, parents, teachers, administrators, and community members to develop counseling activities.
    • The School Counselor will consistently evaluate activities to measure effectiveness and appropriateness.
    • The School Counselor will adhere to ASCA Code of Ethics.



    The Kingsway Regional School District Counseling Department’s mission is to build a collaborative relationship with various stakeholders to help ensure academic, career, and personal/social development of all students in grades 7-12. Student needs are addressed by delivering services that are multifaceted and aligned with Kingsway Regional School District’s Strategic Plan. The department’s comprehensive program will provide the tools to empower students to achieve their individual and post-secondary goals.

Mike Schiff, Supervisor