Meet the Team

  • Michael Shuster 
    Supervisor - Buildings & Grounds
    (856) 467-3300 x4228

    Mike  joined Kingsway in 2019 and has over 30 years of Facilities Management experience.  He oversees all aspects of the daily buildings & grounds maintenance of the Kingsway High School and Middle School.  Mike supervises a team that includes a night supervisor, a secretary, grounds/maintenance employees, and custodians.


    Drew Kidder
    Assistant Supervisor  - Buildings & Grounds
    (856) 467-3300 x4391


    Trevor Lacy
    Night Supervisor - Buildings & Grounds
    (856) 467-3300 x4310

    Trevor joined Kingsway in 2015 and has over 27 years of supervisory experience.  He oversees the night custodial crew in all aspects of cleaning/maintaining the school after hours and assisting outside groups using the facilities in the evenings.  


    Samantha Streitz
    Administrative Assistant- Buildings & Grounds
    (856) 467-3300 x4267

    Samantha joined Kingsway in 2015 and has over 15 years of Administrative Assistant experience.  Samantha is responsible for assisting Mike, Drew and Trevor with all administrative needs of the department.  She also works with outside organizations in scheduling rooms and athletic fields at Kingsway High School and Middle School.


    Grounds/Maintenance Employees

    Alex Brooke

    Brandom Hernandez

    Christopher Jackson

    Justin McCann

    Cridland Nugent

    Thomas Sabetta

    Jeff Sieman


    Custodial Employees


    High School
    Warren Adams

    Brian Boone

    Michael Bruce

    Brett Fereday

    Scott Foody

    Mary Hawk

    Marvin Howard

    Dennis Jester


    Victor Rodriguez

    Pam Rouse

    Jeanne Smith

    Jerry Smith

    Pam Snyder

    Art Spence

    Karen Storey

    Vinny Valdes

    David Parks


    Middle School
    Jay Allen

    Nick Fiorentino

    Sharon Freeman

    Frank Hines Sr.

    Ron Johnson

    Jerry Siewert

    Mike Stinson

    John Storey
    John Peplowski