Meet the Chief Academic Officer

  • Ms. Patricia Calandro currently serves as the Chief Academic Officer (CAO) for the Kingsway Regional and South Harrison Township Elementary School Districts.  As the CAO, Ms. Calandro is the administrator in charge of the development, implementation, and assessment of District curriculum and instruction. Together with the Curriculum Team Members and Building Administration, Ms. Calandro provides guidance, vision, and direction for district and building initiatives including professional development, course development, six programs of study, and academy programs.  Ms. Calandro also oversees the Community Education and Recreation Program (CER) for the district. 


    Experience and Accomplishments: Ms. Calandro taught special education for nine years prior to entering the Kingsway Regional School District.  During her time in the classroom, she taught various courses including English, history, math, and science both in the small group and inclusive settings.  Ms. Calandro joined the Kingsway community in the summer of 2011 as an Assistant Principal for the high school.  During this time, she established and implemented the current Twilight Program for the district, an alternative program aimed at reestablishing the confidence and academic successes of a select group of students.  Ms. Calandro served as the program’s supervisor during which time she guided the curriculum and instruction in all academic areas.  In July of 2013, Ms. Calandro was named CAO for the Kingsway Regional and South Harrison Township Elementary School Districts.  


    Education and Studies:  Ms. Calandro graduated with honors from the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania where she received her B.A. in Special Education.  Her undergraduate work focused on the study of the academic needs of students in grades K-12 who suffer from severe disabilities and/or high-incidence disabilities.  Ms. Calandro continued her studies at Saint Joseph’s University where she graduated Magna Cum Laude with an M.S. in Educational Leadership.  Additionally, she attended Rutgers University to continue her study of elementary curriculum development. 

Kingsway Coat of Arms
  • Ms. Patricia Calandro 
    Chief Academic Officer (CAO)
    M.A., Saint Joseph's University.
    B.S., University of Scranton
    Ms. Anne Byrne
    Administrative Assitant to the CAO
    B.A., Early Elementary Education and Special Education, Neumann University
    Contact Information 
    O: (856) 467-3300, EXT. 4250
    F: (856) 467-5382