• How to Sign Up For Clubs/Wellness Activities:

    1. Students will view all of the offered clubs and activities on our website under the
    “Clubs/Activities” tab. Each activity/club will have a Schoology code.

    2. Students will log into Schoology. Once in Schoology, students will go to the “Groups”
    tab, click “My Groups” in the upper right corner, and click the option to “Join Group”
    also in the upper right corner.

    3. Students will then input the club or activity code to “join”. Students can “join” or show
    interest in as many clubs/activities as they are interested in.

    4. Once students have “joined” or shown interest in a club/activity, on the day that the
    club/activity meets, the club advisor will invite ALL of the students who have previously
    “joined” the group (via Schoology) to sign up for the after school session on a Google

    5. Students can sign up for the club/activity between 7:40 AM and 8:08 AM during

    6. Advisors will take up to 30 students per date of the session. This is on a first come first
    serve basis and only accessible to students who have “joined” the group prior to the day
    of the session.

    7. Students should contact home if they are staying after school.


    ● In order to sign up to stay for a club, students MUST “join” clubs via Schoology first;
    this can occur at any time throughout the year.
    ● Students are not locked into an activity for the entire year and can participate in multiple
    ● On a given day, students should only sign up for one club/activity.
    ● Please feel free to visit the middle school website under clubs and activities for a full list.

    Please note, according to District Policy 5536, in order to attend KRMS after school
    clubs and wellness activities, parents must provide consent to participate in our random
    testing for alcohol and other drug use programs.

    **If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Mr. Dubbs at  (dubbse@krsd.us)