Characteristics of a Blended or Virtual Program Student


    ​​​With the freedom and flexibility of enrolling in blended and/or online courses, comes added personal student responsibility. The learning process in any class format requires commitment and discipline to meet success; pursuing blended learning or online learning demands time management, independent study skills, motivation, perseverance, academic readiness, and technical skills.  Students pursuing virtual course offerings must be focused, prepared and proactive. While students in virtual classes interact with their teacher and their classmates, much of the learning is initiated by the student when he or she logs into a Schoology course, engages with learning materials, thoroughly reads discussion board posts and composes responses, undertakes assignments with fidelity, and studies for assessments.


    Students interested in enrolling in a blended or virtual course format are available for students entering 11th or 12th grade in the 2021-2022 school year and should have the following characteristics (or be willing to work on them) if they desire to participate in a blended and/or virtual course offering at Kingsway Regional High School.



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