Characteristics of a HyFlex Program Student



    With the freedom and flexibility of enrolling in HyFlex courses, comes added personal student responsibility. The learning process in any class format requires commitment and discipline to meet success; HyFlex learning demands time management, independent study skills, motivation, perseverance, academic readiness, and technical skills.  Students pursuing HyFlex course offerings must be focused, prepared and pro-active. While students in HyFlex classes interact with their teacher and classmates, some learning is initiated by the student via asynchronous work and engagement with learning materials, such as discussion boards. Successful HyFlex students undertake assignments with fidelity, and proactively study for assessments.

    Interested students should have the following characteristics (or be willing to work on them), if they desire to participate in a HyFlex course offering at Kingsway Regional High School.


    Students may use this interactive tool to self-evalue their readiness for HyFlex coursework.


Profile of HyFlex Student