HyFlex Courses

  • School officials announced the new virtual learning options for high school students beginning in the 2021-22 school year. To see the announcement, click Kingsway expands virtual learning options; approves blended & virtual programs.Blend

    Kingsway Regional School District acknowledges both a need and an opportunity to provide personalized learning for students via an expansion of digital learning modalities.  This pilot aims to create learning experiences, design environments, and cultivate mindsets that are responsive to the interests, strengths, and needs of individual students. This endeavor presents multifaceted challenges including uniting stakeholders with a common understanding of the goal and the best path forward, updating physical and technical infrastructure, designing new learning modalities and resources, and building the capacity of educators to take on new roles and new approaches to classroom instruction.  The pilot seeks to refine a usable, scalable model to expand upon in subsequent school years.

    Course Offerings

    Available for students entering 11th or 12th grade, hyflex course formats provide students with the flexibility to work in a non-traditional learning environment through a combination of synchronous and asynchronous instruction.  These opportunities have the potential to positively impact a student's learning experience through the provision of self-paced, personalized learning, and greater exposure to online learning in preparation for college and career.  All course offerings, regardless of format, align with the New State Learning Standards and/or the AP College Board Course Standards.  Additionally, each course leverages Kingsway’s curricula, built and vetted by Kingsway teachers, and delivered via our learning management system, Schoology.



KRHS HyFlex Flyer by Emily Virga