• Classroom Live Stream at Kingsway for Home Instruction


    Kingsway Regional School District recognizes the need to proactively plan for a live stream option should students need to engage in home instruction.  Live streaming classroom instruction supports adequate access to education for all students and assists the district, and its faculty, in fulfilling its educational mission.   As a measure to ensure continuity of instruction, teachers may need to live stream instruction to students on school-approved home instruction.  To learn more about home instruction, please contact your student's guidance counselor. 


    What is Live Streaming from the Classroom?

    Live streaming occurs when students at home log into a video conferencing platform (Google Meet or Schoology Conferences ) at the start of class. Everyone, whether in class or remote, receives the same lesson. When discussing the live streaming of classroom instruction, it traditionally takes the following two (2) forms:

    1. Computer Webcam: The teacher sets up a laptop and students watch the teacher provide instruction via whiteboard or lecture. 
    2. Share Screen: The teacher shares the computer screen for students at home, via a conferencing platform, and in the classroom, via the Promethean Board/Flat Screen Panel.