Bad Cat Designs in Wood - Featured Virtual Gallery

  • Bad Cat Designs In Wood

    Shadow boxes hand crafted from wood


    Working with wood was always a favorite pastime of mine. Four years ago, I retired from a technical career. During the first week of retirement, at home, I lost a pair of glasses, broke the top of the crock pot, and locked the cat in the cellar (although the cat shares partial responsibility for that one). So, when I suggested to my wife that I spend the bulk of my days out in the shop, she was enthusiastically supportive.  Since then, my efforts have evolved into making seasonally themed shadow boxes.

    I hand craft each piece from beginning to end. Most parts in each piece, including the frames, are made from repurposed or recycled wood (mostly oak, maple and cherry).

    I paint each piece using a color palette unique to that piece so that no two are the same.  If you are interested in a particular design, please contact me through the address below and I can send pictures of variations of that design, if I have any.