Home Decor Items by Mindy

  • Sports Themed Items: All items are $25.00 each. Can be made in most Sport Teams as long as Fabric is available.                                   
    Ceramic Elf.:  Approx 5 inches wide and 11 inches High                                                             
    Wood Lighting Snowman: Approx 6 inches wide and 19 inches high.                                       
    Lighting Tree:  Approx 22 inches high. Base is Glass.                                                                       
    Wood Tray Table. : Standard TV Tray size.                                                                                               
    Contact information:  Mindy Buono
    Email : buonique@comcast.net.                           
    (Write Virtual Showcase item in Subject line) 

    Home Phone. 856 464 9357.  (Leave Message if No answer)                                                           
    Text Cell phone: 856 491-3330.                           

    Arrangements will be made for payment and Delivery/Pick up.