Volunteer Coach Application Procedures

  • All volunteers, with the exception of visitors and one-time volunteers who remain at school must  complete a volunteer application packet, which includes the following:

    • Volunteer Application
      • Volunteer Policy Acknowledgment for Policies 9180 and 9181
      • Computer Internet Usage Agreement
    • Mandated Training 
    • Volunteer Criminal History Background Check (Tier II Volunteer Only): Please visit Criminal History Review to get started, it takes at least two weeks to process.  Instructions for completing your criminal history can be found here. Once on the site, go to:
      • File authorization and make electronic payment > Select New Administration Fee Request for new applicants or Archive Application Request if you have had your prints previously scanned > enter SS# > select the first option.
      • Once on the application page, please choose “Volunteer.” Our district code is 2440 and we are located in Gloucester County. If fingerprinting for the first time you will need the following information when scheduling your appointment with IdentoGO: Service code: 2F1FB1 and the Contributor Case #: 152440.

    Visitors and one-time volunteers do not need to complete an application UNLESS they accompany students off campus (field  trips, class  trips).

    • One-time volunteers and visitors who remain under the direct supervision of teachers and staff while at school DO NOT need to complete the application packet. These volunteers should not be left alone with students or have unsupervised contact with individuals or groups of students.
    • Any volunteers accompanying students off campus must complete a volunteer packet including a Criminal History Background Check.

    All volunteers, including one-time volunteers and visitors, must:

    • Sign in and out at the Main Office of the school they are visiting.
    • Wear an identification badge during their volunteer activity or experience.
    • Acknowledge that relationships developed with children at school need to remain at school and that for their own protection, volunteers should never be left alone with a child that is out of view of school personnel.