• Dear Parents/Students,


    Good morning.  Please keep the following in mind as you arrive at the middle school at your scheduled time for locker clean out and book drop off:

    1. Please pull into parking spot upon arrival
    2. Students are to enter the building via the main entrance by themselves. 
    3. Students must wear masks and are to abide by social distancing guidelines (no congregating / remain 6 feet apart).
    4. A maximum of 10 students will be permitted in the building at one time; if waiting, students will be spaced 6 feet apart.
    5. Once students enter the building, they are to do the following upon arrival:
      • Clean out lockers.
      • Drop off textbooks/novels in the front lobby.
      • Return library books on the table outside of the Media Center.
      • Pick up their pre-ordered yearbook in the cafeteria. 
    6. If medication needs to be picked up, parents are to report to nurse’s station located outside of the main entrance towards the doors on the left.


    Thank you in advance for following the guidelines above.  Please reach out to me directly if you have any questions. 



    Brian Tonelli